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Blackboard Voice Tools

What is Blackboard Voice Tools?

Using Blackboard Voice tools, instructors can now create a more engaging and effective learning environment with the addition of a voice authoring component, that utilizes vocal instruction, collaboration, personalized coaching, and assessment. Easy-to-use podcasting allows instructors to create lectures, notes, and PowerPoints while voice recordings provide quick feedback to students.

What are some education advantages to using Blackboard Voice Tools?

  • Voice discussion boards enable students to more thoroughly discuss meaning and content.
  • BB Voice Tools go beyond the traditional language laboratory environment. 
  • The voice authoring options support traditional communicative styles of language learning.
  • Gives students multiple methods of speaking, writing, and listening to foreign languages.

Features Blackboard Voice Tools Offers

  • Threaded voice boards.
  • Voice-enabled e-mail.
  • Embedded voice within course pages.
  • Live group discussions and debates.
  • WILL Increase the interaction and student engagement level of any online course.

Benefits of Blackboard Voice Tools Include:

  • Helps build engaging and reusable course content that makes the learning experience more interesting and stimulating.
  • Allows the instructor to verbally explain ideas, post assignments, or describe important ideas that will be discussed in lessons.
  • Facilitates language study by verbally teaching pronunciation, rhythm, stress, and emphasis, while students can simultaneously speak and read a new language.
  • Adds listening exercises and voice messages into any LMS course page, which reduces barriers of adoption and minimizes learning curves.


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