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Undergraduate Summer Program

Undergraduate Summer Program

Summer Sessions I (May 19 – June 23/30) and II (July 6 – August 6) will be held remotely. The University has added a Summer Session III (August 7 – August 26) to help students complete their studies. While this session is being prepared for an online format, an improvement in the public health situation will hopefully allow us to provide Summer Session III in person. Registration is ongoing.

Session Dates

May 19 - June 8 Intersession I
June 9 - June 26 Intersession II
May 19 - June 23 Summer I (5 Week)
May 19 - June 30 Summer I (6 Week)
July 6 - August 6 Summer II
August 7 – August 26 Summer III 

Free Up Your Fall

Summer courses are an ideal way to lighten your course load during the standard academic year, while also better enabling yourself to double-major or pursue an internship.

Seton Hall University (SHU) Students
Registration for Summer 2020 sessions begins March 16.

All Visiting, non-SHU Undergraduate Students
Matriculated students in good standing at other institutions may register for courses according to the following schedule:

  • Complete registration form and submit by May 4, 2020 for courses beginning in May.
  • Complete registration form and submit by May 25, 2020 for courses beginning in June.
  • Complete registration form and submit by June 24, 2020 for courses beginning in July.

Visiting Undergraduate Student: Request to Register » 

A Range of Classes as Wide as the Ocean:

Accounting • American Art • Business Finance • Calculus • Catholic Studies • Chemistry • Commercial Law • Counseling • Economics • Ethics • Health Law • History of African Religion • History of Asian Religion • Logo Design • Mobile App Development • Nursing • Persuasive Speaking • Procurement Management • Psychology • Real Estate • Social Work • Statistics • Supply Chain Management ...and more.

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