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Seton Hall University
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Student Support Services

Welcome to the Student Support Services (SSS) Program at Seton Hall University! The Seton Hall Student Support Services (SSS) Program is designed to empower eligible students to achieve and maintain academic excellence and college success. Students accepted into the SSS Program receive a systematic, interactive, and comprehensive plan that provides for academic, professional and social support, including tutoring and coaching, personal, financial, mentoring, and career counseling and planning.

Mission Statement and Goals 

A U.S. Department of Education federal TRIO program, Seton Hall SSS serves 140 low-income students, first-generation college students (i.e., students whose parents or guardians have not received a bachelor’s degree), or students with disabilities. SSS seeks to increase persistence and graduation rates for eligible students by providing participants with a broad array of services, including academic, financial, career, and personal support.

Application and Referral 

We are currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 academic year! 
To apply for the SSS Program, please fill out the first step in the Student Online Application.

We encourage faculty, staff, administrators, or community members to refer outstanding students to the SSS Program. To submit your referral, please fill out this form

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