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Seton Hall University
Graduate Students

Graduate Services

Parking and Transportation

Parking on campus

  • Anyone who parks his/her vehicle on the South Orange campus MUST properly display a valid parking permit at all times.
  • Obtain a parking permit online through your Bursar account. Access your Bursar account by signing into PirateNet.

SHUFLY Service

  • SHUFLY is a shuttle service which stops at multiple locations on the Seton Hall campus and in the town of South Orange.
  • SHUFLY is free for all students.
  • SHUFLY Route
  • SHUFLY Hours of Operation

NJ Transit Discount

  • The South Orange train station for NJ Transit is less than one mile away from Seton Hall University's campus.
  • NJ Transit offers a 25% off discount on monthly passes to full time students at Seton Hall University.
  • To obtain a discounted monthly pass, sign into PirateNet and use the link provided on the Profile and Finances page.

Public Safety and Security

Contact: (973) 761-9328

SHU SafeRide

  • SafeRide provides free transportation for students travelling off campus to locations in the immediate vicinity of the campus which SHUFLY does not stop at.
  • SHU SafeRide Hours of Operation
  • See a map of the SafeRide Zone


  • PirateAlert is an emergency notification system used to notify the SHU community of public safety emergencies, serious crimes which occurred on campus or nearby, and emergency campus closings.
  • PirateAlert notifications arrive as e-mails, phone calls, or text messages.
  • Students and employees of SHU are automatically in the PirateAlert system and will receive e-mails and text messages based on the information provided in Banner. To change your settings, visit PirateNet.

Security Escort Services

  • All members of the SHU community can use the Public Safety 24 hour escort service on campus.
  • Click here for all building hours on campus.

Campus ID Office

Location: Duffy Hall room 63
Contact:(973) 761-9771

A SHU ID is used for the following purposes:

  • Personal identification
  • Access to campus buildings
  • Meal plan
  • Pirate's Gold purchases
  • Recreation Center access
  • Access to campus events
  • Printing
    Visit the Campus ID Office to obtain your ID card.

Pirate's Gold

  • Pirate's Gold is a money management system linked to your SHU ID card.
  • Students can deposit money onto their ID card through their Bursar accounts.
  • Pirate's Gold functions like a debit card. It can be used as payment on campus and at some participating locations off campus.

Career Center

Location: Bayley Hall Rm. 209
Contact: (973) 761-9355
Internships, Part-time Jobs and Full-time Professional Positions
Career Center Events

Counseling and Psychological Services Center (CAPS)

Location: Mooney Hall, 2nd floor
Contact: (973) 761-9500
Individual and Group Therapy

Outreach Programming

  • CAPS offers several outreach services, including consultation, referrals, training, participation in community events, and educational programs for a variety of mental health issues.
  • Visit their website for more information on Outreach Programming.

Disability Support Services

Location: Duffy Hall room 67
Contact: (973) 313-6003
DSS offers a wide range of services, including exam accommodations and parking.
Visit their website for more information on Disability Support Services.

Health Services

Location: 303 Centre Street
Contact: (973) 761-9175
Hours of Operation
Student Health Form

Services provided: Allergy desensitization injections, dermatology, general primary care, health education, immunizations, laboratory services, men's health care, mental health, referrals, sports medicine, travel consultation, and women's health care/gynecology.

Department of Information Technology

Location: Corrigan Hall
Contact: (973) 275-2222
Business Hours For Graduate Students

Public computer labs:

  • Anderson Lab - Jubilee Hall, Room 524
  • Nursing Lab - Schwartz Building, Room 205
  • Walsh Library Information Commons- Walsh Library
  • Language Lab- Fahy Hall, Room 202

Workshops and Special Events

Office of the Bursar

Location: Bayley Hall Rm. 121
Contact:(800) 222-7183
Billing and Payment FAQs
Important Documents

Walsh Library

  • Contact: 973-761-9443
  • Hours


  • At each printer, users are required to swipe their SHU ID card to obtain their printout.
  • Printing is $0.05/page in black and white, $0.65/page in color. Full time students are allotted 400 black and white pages per semester. Part time students are allotted 200 black and white pages per semester.
  • Search for articles, books, databases, and journals:
  • Off-Campus Research Guide
  • Services for Graduate Students
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