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The Rhetoric of Respect: Judge Victoria Pratt  

Judge Victoria PrattJudge Victoria Pratt is a nationally recognized expert in procedural justice and alternative sentencing and is committed to reforming the criminal justice system. Judge Pratt spent years gaining a deep understanding of how justice could be delivered to court participants in a manner that increased their trust in the legal system and changed their behavior during her tenure as the Chief Judge in Newark Municipal Court. Her innovative alternatives to jail for low-level offenders included community service, individual and group counseling sessions, and her signature assignment of introspective essays. Her always respectful approach and Judge Pratt treating individuals with dignity left a positive effect on court participants. How Judges Can Show Respect (2016), Judge Pratt’s TedTalk, has over 1,200,000 million views.

The Seton Hall community is proud to host Judge Pratt on Tuesday, March 30 at 7 p.m. at the interactive event titled "The Rhetoric of Respect." This conversation with Judge Victoria Pratt touches on the importance of fostering a culture of mutual respect in the communities we engage with in the criminal justice system and beyond. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions during the event.

All members of the Seton Hall Community can participate by registering here for the event. Attendees can also learn more about Judge Victoria Pratt through her website here,, or watch her viral TedTalk here.  For any questions about the event contact Ghana Hylton at

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