Seton Hall University
Student with a poster for the SASA club at the Involvement Fair.

Starting a New Organization

At Seton Hall, we have a wide variety of student organizations on campus. However, there is always room for growth. We encourage all students to explore established student organizations. If you don’t find what you're looking for, we'll help you start your own through our Student Organization's Advisory Committee (SOAC)

1. Explore– Check out our active student organizations to see if you can find what you are looking for.

2. Develop - When you establish that your idea is unique, develop it with other interested students. Think about the organization's mission and purpose, activities and events, and why students would want to be a part of this it. We recommend that you meet with an administrator from Leadership Development to get feedback and assistance. All student organizations must:

  • Support the educational mission of the University and meet its policies and procedures.
  • Open membership to all currently enrolled students at the University.
  • Not be a duplicate of an already existing organization and its programs.
  • Be of general appeal to the student body of the University.
  • Have a plan that ensures sustainability of the organization for a period of three years or more.
  • Not be a part of any for profit entity.
  • Athletic groups recognized through our office may not compete outside of the University. Additionally, no contact sports are permitted.

3. Apply | Fill out an application below. The application, will be reviewed by SOAC, the sole body that evaluates applications for recognition of new organizations.

4. Show Support |In the materials you submit, you will need to include a roster of at least 10 active members (including 4 executive board members), a letter of support from a faculty, staff, or admin advisor, and letters of support from campus ministry (if the organization is religious in nature) and a national organization (if an affiliation exists).

5. Present | Each prospective organization is required to present a brief presentation to the committee. The following must be included in the presentation:

  • The mission and purpose of the organization, clearly stated and defined.
  • A provisional calendar list of activities, events, programming ideas, and meetings.
  • The club roster. The roster must include four members who agree to serve in Executive Board roles (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and must maintain at least 10 total active members.
  • An identified advisor who has agreed to serve in this role for the academic year. The advisor must be a full - time administrator, staff, faculty member, or graduate assistant.
  • Any other information that explains how the newly formed organization is different and unique from other currently active organizations on campus and will benefit the current student body.

6. Get Approved! | If recommended by SOAC, the Associate Dean of Students will review and notify the organizations of the final approval and their recognition as an organization under the Student Government Association.

Spring 2023 Timeline:

  • Tuesday, January 17 | SOAC Application Opens
  • Friday, March 17 | Completed application must be submitted by midnight
  • Week of March 20 | You will receive an e-mail with your SOAC presentation appointment
  • Friday, April 14 | Time: TBD | SOAC presentations will take place

To Apply or Re-Register an organization (any of the categories listed below), please do so here:

Other Information for Spring 2022:

  • While we will do our best to accommodate your time preference, based on your application, we cannot guarantee a specific time. Preference will be given in the order the applications were received.
  • If none of the student members from the proposed club are able to attend the presentation appointment, you may submit a paper copy of your presentation and all supporting materials. The presentation will be read to the committee by the SGA Secretary on your behalf.
  • The SOAC Committee members will vote by a simple majority to make a recommendation regarding the club's Provisional Status. All committee members have an equal vote.
  • The SGA Secretary will forward the recommendations of the SOAC Committee to the Dean of Students. All final decisions are made by the Dean of Students.
  • Applicants will receive an e-mail with the final decision on the status of their application via e-mail from the Dean of Students Office.