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Event Planning: Logistics, Space Reservation, Resources

There are many aspects to consider in planning an event. This section will provide the necessary information for the entire planning process including information on the people to contact, the services provided on campus, and the policies and procedures to be followed regarding space reservations, food, security, and other logistics. 


Things to consider in planning an event:

  • Purpose and goals of the event
  • Possible dates and times for the event
  • Event’s expected attendance number
  • Budget for the event
  • Needs and the respective people/department to contact for those needs

Note: For larger events or events that require assistance, student organizations should contact the Assistant Director of Leadership Development. 

Timeline and Checklist for Event Planning:

How Far In Advance Should I Plan My Club Event?

The Department of Student Life Guide to Club/Organization Planning

Is your event a General Body meeting?

Yes My event is a General Body meeting.

1 Week

NoMy event is not a General Body meeting.

Is this event off campus?

This is an off campus event.

Yesthis is an off campus event

Do you require any travel expenses?


6 Week

Yes6 Week


3 Week

No3 Week


This is not an off campus event.

Nothis is not an off campus event

Do you require any contracts with outside vendors? Will you have off campus guests?


6 Weeks

Yes6 Weeks


3 Weeks

No3 Weeks

Reserve Space & Submit Program Proposals

Organizations must use 25Live to have their event requests reviewed and requested spaces confirmed. The event request on 25Live should include as many details as possible for the event’s purpose, activities, goals, logistics, finances, and equipment needs. Try to submit the event request as early as possible to ensure that the space is available, funds are sufficient, and that the event aligns with the University’s mission. After submitting the event request in 25Live save the event reference number for use on all related forms.

All student organization event requests must be reviewed by the Department of Student Life before the room reservation can be confirmed. After the event request is reviewed, it will be forwarded to the respective contacts to ensure that the space is reserved as well. Your organization will receive an e-mail notification with a final confirmation on your space reservations to the organizations Seton Hall issued e-mail address. 

To check where your event is in the approval process, reference the ‘Event Status’ in 25Live.


1 Draft


A submitted event that requires further approval from the department of student life and building directors.

2 Tentative


A submitted event that has been approved by the department of student life, but not building directors.

3 Confirmed


A submitted event that has been approved by both the department of student life and appropriate building directors.


25Live Tutorial for Student Orgs (attached to E-mail)


  • Event requests requiring contracts, outside vendors, and/or outside guests must be submitted 6 weeks in advance in order to meet all required deadlines.
  • Academic spaces cannot be reserved until after the Add/Drop Deadline, which is generally one week after classes begin. Recurring events such as meetings cannot be reserved in academic spaces for the full academic year but can be reserved for the semester following add/drop.
  • Athletic facilities are not available for reservation by student organizations. The field house may be used by all students including student organization but may not be reserved for a specific time. Additionally, events running in the fieldhouse must be open to all students. Student organizations looking to host athletic events are encouraged to reserve the Galleon Lawn through 25 Live.

Contact List for Space Reservations

University Center and Bethany Hall

Ghana Hylton

Victor Gomez 

Beck Rooms

Barbara Gould

Academic Spaces

Autumn Bucior 

Media Services 
(Beck Rooms and Academic Spaces)

Barbara Gould

Event Budgeting

When executing a program or event on campus student organizations should plan to determine the funding available for each event. To do so student organizations should first examine their budget and see what if any additional funding may be available through SGA or co-sponsorships with other student organizations and/or departments on campus. Click here to find out more about financial procedures and resources.

Food Orders (GDS, Outside Vendors) and Catering

Organizations looking to get catered food for events must place orders with Gourmet Dining Services (GDS), the exclusive caterer for Seton Hall University. All student organization GDS purchases are made through the Department of Student Life. Organizations must make an appointment to make all food and catering purchases.


  • Large scale events w/ food for 50 or more people- order must be placed at least ten business days before the event.
  • Small scale events- order must be placed at least three business days before the event.

If there are any issues with orders, please contact GDS immediately.

Organizations looking to place food orders from outside vendors must request a waiver from GDS at least 10 days before the event date. Organizations may be granted the waivers only if GDS cannot provide the requested order of food (i.e. type of food). No credit card payment or reimbursements will be authorized to outside vendors without an approved GDS Waiver form. Organizations assume responsibility to ensure that all food, trash, and other items brought into the room be removed from the building and discarded in a dumpster appropriately. 

Performers, Speaker and Outside Vendors

A Seton Hall University contract is required to be used anytime an outside performer, speaker, or vendor is coming to campus. This includes, but is not limited to, DJ’s, speakers, musicians, etc. Student leaders must fill out the Contract Request Form 6 weeks before the event. The request will be reviewed and vetted by an administrator in the Department of Student Life who will then e-mail a completed contract & W-9 to the student leader to be signed by the performer. This signed contract along with the performer’s completed W-9 Form and liability insurance must be submitted via the Contract & W-9 Submission Form at least 6 weeks before the event in order for the check to be available prior to the event date. Failure to return the contract within that timeframe can result in your event being cancelled. 

Public Safety and Security

The following events using University spaces and rooms must meet with Public Safety (; 973-761-9328) and submit the Security Request Form at least one month prior to the event:

  • Events with hot food using sternos
  • Events with Amplified Sound (DJ/Performers)
  • Large Events with 200 or more guests
  • Events with outside guests. Outside Guest must not exceed the ratio of one guest per every 2 SHU students.
  • Special Events or Performances

Events and programs are not fully approved until all required forms from Public Safety & Security are filled out and approved. Failure to submit this request will result in cancellation of the event. There may be a cost associated if additional officers or police need to be scheduled. Please make sure you understand the cost and include it in a budget for the event. 

The decision to assign public safety officers, police, or fire personnel to student events is determined by administrative officials in conjunction with Public Safety. The required amount of police or safety officers may vary due to the anticipated crowd and/or nature of the event. Generally, this decision will be made in advance of the scheduled date of event. 

Off-Campus Events (Conferences, Field Trips), Chaperone Forms, Waiver Forms

All student organization off-campus events must be approved in advance. Organizations can submit event details for approval using the Off Campus Event Registration Form 
Events requiring travel or advance use of university funds should be submitted 6 weeks in advance all other off campus travel should be submitted no later than 3 weeks in advance. 

Once approved the organization can proceed to finalizing the event details.

  • Finalize finances and make sure all money is present in organization’s account
  • Work with an administrator in Leadership Development to make any reservations or purchases.
  • Event Chaperone form filled out by full time faculty, admin or staff member. [Online Chaperone Form]
  • Waiver forms filled out by all student attendees. [Online Trip Waiver Form]

Technology and Equipment Needs

Media Services of the Teaching Learning Technology Center (TLTC) provides and supports all technology and equipment needs for events being held in academic spaces and other on-campus spaces except for the University Center and Department labs. Support is limited to hours of operations but needs beyond the normal hours may be contracted and dependent on technician availability. Resources such as Audio/Visual Support and individual requests such as projectors, microphones, and media players can be found here

Requests for technology and media services must include:

  • "Day of Event" contact name, phone number, and e mail address
  • The organization's advisor who is a part of the event
  • Times: setup time, actual event, end time, breakdown times
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