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Seton Hall University

Faculty/Staff Advisor Expectations

Roles and Expectations

  1. Communicate as necessary with the Department of Student Life.
  2. Meet with leadership of the organization at the beginning of the semester to set mutual expectations.
  3. Attend at least 2 events/meetings per semester.
  4. Communicate monthly with the President of the organization.
  5. Provide support in the following areas:
    • Transitioning
    • Program Development
    • Policy Adherence
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Leadership Development
  6. Provide a general commitment to the sustainability of the organization.

*Faculty Advisors serve for one-year terms with possible extension based on a mutual agreement between the organization and the faculty advisor.

Things to remember as an advisor

  • The responsibility for building a relationship must be shared between the advisor and the organization
  • View the relationship as a partnership
  • Share needs, responsibilities, and expectations with each other.

Tips for advisors

  • Know the students and organization with whom you're working.
  • Have the goals and objectives of the group firmly in mind,
  • Know what the students expect of you as an advisor
  • Express sincere interest in the organization and its mission.
  • Assist the group in setting realistic, obtainable goals.
  • Assist the group in developing a system through which they can evaluate their progress.
  • Challenge the group to grow and develop.
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