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Seton Hall University

Leadership Programs

First Year Foundations Of Leadership

A six week, cohort style program for first year students to connect to each other and develop essential leadership skills. The program uses the Leadership Practices Inventory as a bases for self assessment. Each week students will explore various leadership concepts through interactive activities and reflection. There are three different session times to accommodate a variety of schedules. Register for this program here»

Associated Competencies:

  • Week 1: Reflection, Self Understanding, Scope of Competence
  • Week 2: Functioning Independently, Confidence, Positive Attitude, Initiative, Responsibility for Personal Behavior
  • Week 3: Advocating for a Point of View, Facilitation, Goals, Mentoring, Mission, Organizational Behavior, Synthesis, Verbal Communication, Vision, Group Development
  • Week 4: Creating Change, Idea Generation, Decision Making, Confidence, Other Perspectives, Problem Solving, Systems Thinking, Responding to Change, Synthesis.
  • Week 5: Collaboration, Empowerment, Helping Others, Facilitation, Inclusion, Mentoring, Other Perspectives, Others' Contributions, Providing Feedback, Productive Relationships, Group Development, Motivation
  • Week 6: Reflection, Empathy, Positive Attitude, Providing Feedback

Organizational Leadership Program

This is a flexible, workshop based program that aims to develop participant's leadership skills as it pertains to their role in an organization (student or professional). The program is open to ALL STUDENTS, regardless of campus involvement, and can be completed in as little as one semester or as long as two years. Students will attend 3 core workshops and 3 elective workshops which will each be offered multiple times per year to allow for maximum flexibility. Register for this program here»

All workshops will be held in the Faculty Lounge on the 2nd Floor of the University Center.

Leadership Fellows Program

This is an invitation only pilot program that will be facilitated and managed by a committee of administrators responsible for leadership development on campus. Students will meet once per month with Deans and outside guests for discussion and reflection. The goal of this program is to invite highly involved, senior student leaders to begin to transition their Seton Hall experience into their future roles as leaders in the professional world.  E-mail Maggie Bach at for more information.

Associated Competencies: Self Development, Reflection, Confidence, Others' Circumstances, Point of View, Others' Contributions

Emerging Greek Leaders (EGL)

The EGL program is for any sophomore or junior in a fraternity or sorority that is interested in developing their personal leadership style while aligning themselves with values set forth by the Seton Hall Greek community. This program is peer discussion based and covers a variety of topics and skills viewed through a fraternity and sorority lens.

Associated Competencies: Other Perspectives, Idea Generation, Vision, Self Understanding, Personal Values, Collaboration, Helping Other's, Empathy, Ethics, Responsibility for Personal Behavior, Responding to Change, Confidence, Excellence, Others' Circumstances, Service, Social Responsibility

Specialized Trainings

Student Government Association (SGA) Training

All elected members of Student Government are required to attend a two day training program before the Fall semester begins. At this training, students will learn how to develop initiatives and create impact on campus while developing their own leadership competencies and skills.

Associated Competencies: Diversity, Inclusion, Scope of Competence, Research, Idea Generation, Goals, Plan, Vision, Providing Feedback, Positive Attitude

Greek Leadership Training

The Greek Leadership training involves chapter Presidents and council leadership in a day long program focused on values alignment, goal setting and community excellence.

Associated Competencies: Mission, Vision, Goals, Plan, Organization, Creating Change, Ethics, Verbal Communication, Listening, Excellence, Personal Values, Collaboration

Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) Training

MAC Executive Board members train for their positions at the beginning of each year. At this day long training, MAC members discuss the MAC mission, the development of the organization, the fluidity of role development and inevitable changes in a growing organization. Students will develop goals for the year and engage in overall topical planning for programs and special events.

Associated Competencies: Idea Generation, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Initiative, Responding to Ambiguity, Responding to Change, Functioning Independently, Diversity, Inclusion, Social Justice, Service, Scope of Competence, Mission, Vision, Goals, Planning, Organization

Student Organization Training

Presidents and those responsible for finance, fundraising, events, and marketing from existing and newly established student organizations are required to attend student organization training to prepare them for their roles. Topics include building their membership, planning their programs and events, and ensuring their compliance with University policies and procedures.

Associated Competencies: Decision Making, Scope of Competence, Plan, Organization, Goals, Organizational Behavior, Collaboration, Idea Generation, Problem Solving

Greek New Member Education

All new members of Greek organizations are required to attend workshops on campus during their 6 week membership education process. New Members will learn what they can expect from their Greek experience. Topics include an introduction to the community, hazing prevention, and alcohol and other drug education.  

Associated Competencies: Self Understanding, Personal Values, Empowerment, Follow Through, Responsibility for Personal Behavior, Empathy, Group Development, Creating Change

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