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Seton Hall University
Student using Lenovo Laptop

Why You Get a Laptop

Another way in which Seton Hall University extends the classroom is the use of cutting-edge academic technology. Imagine sitting on the Green on a sunny day, wirelessly connected to the University's network, checking on your latest assignments from your professor or collaborating with another student who is studying abroad in Paris. Or perhaps it's 2 a.m. and you need to review your professor's lecture notes before the midterm. Instead of having to be tied to a desktop or a computer lab, you've been given a lightweight, powerful laptop computer, so you can work anywhere, anytime on the campus.

Laptop Distribution and Upgrades

Two students using a laptop outsideSeton Hall's award-winning Mobile Computing Program takes technology to a level few colleges can offer. When you arrive at orientation, you will receive your laptop, loaded with wireless connectivity and the professional-level software you will need for your studies and communication. As technology rapidly changes, after two years you will receive a new laptop that reflects all the advanced technology available. That second laptop is the one you will take with you when you graduate from Seton Hall, providing you with a laptop for that first job after college or for use in graduate school.

BlackBoard Teaching and Learning Software

Through BlackBoard software, students connect to the curriculum from anywhere in the world. A powerful communication and learning platform, BlackBoard can help you find classmates for collaboration on projects, download information posted by your professor to supplement the information learned in class or even view digital lectures or demonstrations. BlackBoard offers a great deal of flexibility, making it easy to post information, conduct online discussions with classmates and professors, link to Web sites relevant to the course or submit course assignments.

Laptop Support

Students using a laptopYour laptop is supported through our walk-in Service Desk in Corrigan Hall. Here, you can get help with software, get a quick repair or have your laptop "debugged" if that unexpected event occurs. Students often staff the Service Desk, so if you are a computer wiz, perhaps this could be your campus job!

In addition to troubleshooting, Seton Hall offers free training in the Teaching Learning Technology Center (TLTC) for all University supported software including the Microsoft Office Professional Suite, BlackBoard as well as general PC use.

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