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Seton Hall University
Students at a booth for the involvement fair.

Getting Involved

At Seton Hall University, we encourage our students to actively participate in various clubs and organizations such as the Student Government Association , Greek Life, and the Student Activities Board.

Other ways for students to be involved in student life at Seton Hall include membership in Commuter Council which connects commuter students to the various resources of the University community.  The Village Liaisons aim to unite student leaders and residents of the South Orange Village.

Seton Hall University is committed to educating our students on the diverse nature of our campus and society.  The National Coalition Building Institute is the program adopted by the University which provides the curriculum for diversity education to all members of the community.  In addition, the Human Relations Programming Committee is a collection of students, faculty, staff and administrators united to support the diversity of programming on the campus.

Getting involved improves the overall feel and energy of campus life at Seton Hall University. Make sure to check the Upcoming Events page and take advantage of the many easy ways to get involved with the wide array of activities and programs provided for you!

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