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Seton Hall University
Bayley Hall


The Payroll Department is located in Bayley Hall, Room 10.

Basics on Student Time Sheets

Below are some points of information students need to know to insure that their time sheets are processed without delay.

  • Timesheets are now completed and submitted online through the Web-Time Timesheet system. To learn about how to complete and submit your timesheet please access the Web-Time Student time and attendance tutorial by clicking here.
  • To access your timesheet please click here.
  • Once you've completed your online timesheet please submit it to your supervisor for approval.
  • Late time sheets must be completed via historical edit through the Web-Time Timesheet system as soon as possible.
  • Hours missed in one week may only be made up if you do not exceed the maximum of 20 hours in a week.

Federal Compliance Requirements

Because the Student Employment Program is a form of official employment, students are held to the same federal labor guidelines as all employees of the University. Federal Labor Laws dictate certain aspects of the Student Employment Program. Some of the more common are as follows:

  • Employees are required to take a minimum 1/2 hour break after 5 hours of work. For example, a student working from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., with a one-hour lunch break would look like this: 9a - 12:30p (3.5),  1:30p - 5p (3.5)    total = 7
  • Students must sign out for all breaks.
  • Students are not eligible for unemployment benefits as they are classified part-temporary employees, a non-eligible category and they do not make contributions to the state unemployment insurance fund.
  • Students are not eligible for holiday or overtime pay.
  • Students may only be paid for the actual hours worked.  No additional hours may be added for any reason.
  • Students must submit timesheets based on the timesheet schedule provided.
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