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Award Year Information

Undergraduate and Graduate students are hired for a specific award period. Each award period has specific eligibility requirements which can affect the students funding or employment eligibility. Each award period is as follows:

  • Academic Year (late August-mid May):  This period consists of the fall and spring semesters. Federal regulations require that any part of a pay period where classes are in session be considered part of the Academic year, all guidelines defined in the Student Employment Policy and Procedures are in effect. Only on the directive of Student Employment can an exception be made.
  • Summer 1 (mid May-late June):  This award period falls under the summer guidelines however funding is based on the student’s current Financial Aid award.  For example, students working in May/June of 2015 are paid based on the award for the 2014-15 Fiscal Year.
  • Summer 2 (July-early August.):  This award period falls under the summer guidelines however funding is based on the student’s Financial Aid award for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters. For example earnings are charged to the 2015-16 FY in the first pay period that ends in July.  Even if part of the pay period is in June, it is considered July earnings. 

Students are eligible to begin working only after receiving the final approval via e-mail.


There are three types of funding available to students. Federal Work Study and University Funded and Grant Funded Student Employment.

  • Federal Work Study funds are available to students who have applied for financial aid and still have a remaining need. Funds are provided by the federal government. If a student's earnings reach the limit of the work study award for the FY, subsequent earnings will be charged to the department's budget.
  • University funded students are paid 100% directly from departmental budgets. The student earnings will be charged to the department’s budget line.
  • Grant Funded students are paid 100% directly from a grant that was obtained and awarded to a professor, department, or program.  The department is responsible for working with the Grants Manager in the Grants Office to ensure the grant is allowed to be used for student hourly payment.

Notification of Remaining Eligibility

Federal Work Study funded students are notified automatically on a bi-weekly basis of their FWS remaining eligibility via email.  Supervisors that would like to track this information for reconciliation purposes must request and obtain a copy of this email from their student(s) workers.  For departmentally funded students supervisors may request this information from the department's Budget Manager.

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