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Seton Hall University
Faculty member working with students.

FAQs for Supervisors

Who is eligible to work?
Graduate and Undergraduate students registered at least half-time in a matriculating program. Here at Seton hall half-time for Undergraduate students is 6 credits and half-time for Graduate students is 5 credits.

When can a student start working?
Students are not permitted to begin working until they have received the official confirmation e-mail from the Student Employment Office. This e-mail is automatically generated and sent once their paperwork has been processed providing access to their timesheet in the Web-time timesheet system. Processed and eligible students will be listed in your “student timesheet approval section” in Piratenet. Supervisors are prohibited from allowing students to begin working prior to approval. Violation of this policy will result in the loss of Federal Work Study funding eligibility for the department.

What types of Student Employment are available?
There are four types of Student Employment: Federal Work Study, University Funded, Community Services, and grant funded

Can a student have more than one position on campus?
No. Students are permitted to have one position only.

Can a Graduate Assistant accept additional work outside of their GA contract?
No. Provost-approved Graduate Assistantships are contracted for 20 hours per week and these are considered their one and only position allowed.

How many hours can a student work?
Students may work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year. During the periods of Christmas Break, Spring Break and summer, students may work up to 29 hours per week.

How may I obtain blank I-9 forms?
Fill out the form here »

How may I obtain access to PageUp?
All supervisors have access to PageUp to create and list their positions and hire their students. You may sign into PageUp using your username and piratenet password.

How do I post open work study positions?
You may create and post open work study positions by accessing the PageUp Student Employment Database.

Where do I complete the hiring proposal?
To hire a student, Supervisors must complete the hiring process in the the PageUp Student Employment Database.

Where do I approve student timesheets?
All student timesheets are approved electronically through the Web-Time Timesheet system located on your PirateNet page, under the Profile tab, Human Resources. Titled - Managers - Student Employee Timesheet Approval

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