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Seton Hall University
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FAQs for Students

Who can work?
Graduate and Undergraduate students are eligible to work as long as they are registered at least half-time in a matriculating program. Here at Seton Hall half-time for Undergraduate students is 6 credits and half-time for Graduate students is 5 credits.

When can I start working?
Students are not permitted to begin working until they have received official confirmation e-mail from the office of Student Employment. This e-mail is automatically generated and sent once your paperwork has been processed and access to your timesheet in Web-Time is available. Students are prohibited from working prior to receiving the authorization email. Violation of this policy will result in the loss of Federal Work Study funding eligibility and the eligibility to work.

Do I have to apply every year even if I worked for a department the year before?
Yes. Students are hired based on eligibility for a specific period of time. Once the end date on this assignment is reached, the student is no longer authorized to work. Supervisors are required to complete a hiring proposal every fiscal year.

Can I have more than one position on campus?
No. Students are only permitted 1 position on campus regardless of the number of hours they are working. Students working for a special program and receives a stipend cannot accept another position.

If I am a Graduate Assistant (Provost approved) can I work outside of my Graduate Assistant assignment?
No. Graduate Assistants are contracted for 20 hours and it is considered their one and only position. Graduate Assistants cannot simultaneously work as a student worker.

What is Federal Work Study (FWS)?
Federal Work Study is a federal grant that eligible student receive working in a part-time position on campus. In order to be students must have filed a FAFSA and have financial need. Because financial aid can change throughout the year, FWS eligibility can also change.

What is University Funded (UF)?
University funded is funding paid directly from the budget in the department of which the student works. University funded students do not have to demonstrate financial need, therefore all students are eligible for employment under UF. Students who are no longer eligible for FWS may be switched to UF if the department's budget allows it. In the event a student has reached their FWS award, the assignment will be terminated. It is up to the student to discuss being switched to the department’s budget with their immediate supervisor. If the student will be switched to departmental funding the supervisor is required to submit that request via email to the financial aid department. Departmental funds are maintained and allocated by the hiring department.

How many hours can I work?
Students may work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year. During the Spring Break, Summer Break and Christmas Break, students may work up to 29 hours per week.

I was awarded Federal Work Study on my Financial Aid Notice. Does this guarantee me a job?
No. There are more students than positions, students must apply and be hired for a position. The Office of Student Employment does not guarantee a job to every eligible student nor do we place students in positions.

Do I have to complete an I-9 form every year?
No, you must complete the I-9 form once.

Do I have to complete a W-4 form every year?
No. However, if you wish to change any information, you must complete and submit a new form to the Payroll Office, located in Bayley Hall. This office maintains all W-4 forms and Direct Deposit forms. The Student Employment Office is not responsible for the collection of or the processing of W-4 forms or Direct Deposit forms.

Can I change positions during the year?
Yes, however you are required to notify the department currently employed and the office of Student Employment. You are not eligible to begin working for the new department until your paperwork for the new department has been processed and you have been notified of your eligibility to begin working from the Office of Student Employment. It is strongly recommended that students remain with the department until the end of a pay period and do not begin working until they have received approval notification from Student Employment.

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