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Seton Hall University
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Distinction in Academics and Scholarship

What constitutes excellence in academics at Seton Hall University? First and foremost, it is an organizational structure and attitude that asserts the primacy of academics in all endeavors. The role of academic stakeholders is acknowledged and welcomed in every decision, whether about resource allocation or athletic schedules. The integrity of the educational process and academic programs is paramount.

Academic excellence is embodied in a faculty capable of fusing research, scholarship, and artistic creativity into a vibrant classroom experience so that their joy of learning is evident to all. In turn, this energy translates into a dynamic curriculum that prepares students with the knowledge, skills, ethical foundation, and good citizenship required in the 21st century. Through innovative programs and creative use of technology, the academic footprint of the university is expanded in global outreach, experiential learning, and academic partnerships with other institutions, corporations and communities.

Academic excellence in students is evidenced in a passion to explore the age-old questions central to the Catholic and other intellectual traditions and an ability to rise to the challenge to seek the truth in all things. It consists of a depth of understanding; an ability to integrate concepts beyond a particular course or experience through research, scholarly and creative works; an awareness of the context and content of their particular discipline in the modern world; and an appreciation for their vocation in this world through servant leadership.

Goal 3

Enhance the Culture of Excellence in Academics

  1. Strategically and disproportionately invest in the distinctive aspects of a Seton Hall undergraduate education including the core curriculum, servant leader-ship, Catholicity and student research.
  2. Strategically and disproportionately invest in select and nationally recognized undergraduate programs.
  3. Strategically and disproportionately invest in select and nationally recognized graduate programs.
  4. Attract and retain established and visible scholars to Seton Hall’s faculty, through endowed professorships, visiting scholar programs, and senior hires, and allocate them strategically to provide leadership, external visibility, and elevate centers of excellence.
  5. Significantly expand and enhance faculty development opportunities for growth and change.
  6. Ensure excellence in every academic program through regular and rigorous internal and external reviews of programs with clearly articulated standards of excellence and integrity, demonstrable outcomes, and alignment of resources.

Goal 4

Enhance Key Academic Support Areas

  1. Selectively invest in identified key support areas such as the library, technology, and academic advising.
  2. Enhance existing structures that support academic excellence, scholarly activities, and research efforts, such as University Research Council, travel awards, sabbaticals.
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