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Seton Hall University
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Ambition in Outreach

These goals flow from Seton Hall’s identity as a Catholic University and make specific reference to its stated mission to educate servant leaders for a global society. We conceive this mission as lived out in the dynamic relationship between the Seton Hall community and the external environment; an evolving exchange of education and service among the University community; our neighbors, alumni and all constituents. We envision these relationships as ever-expanding—on campus, locally, nationally and internationally—as we fulfill our promise to advance Seton Hall’s mission for the future.

Value placed on service to our students and each other moves outward to our neighbors and the wider community. Servant leadership is embodied through engagement with our constituents: our alumni, neighbors and local communities, particularly those that are struggling with sustainability. A key leadership group to engage in this effort will be alumni, the majority of whom reside in the tri-state area.

Goal 9

Increase Local and National Engagement

  1. Undertake an economic impact study to determine the economic importance of Seton Hall to the local, county, state, and national economies.
  2. Evaluate opportunities for property development in local communities to meet graduate student, faculty, staff, and administrative housing needs.
  3. Support community growth by pursuing opportunities for service delivery, recreational options and revenue generation in partnership with local government and businesses.
  4. Enhance Seton Hall’s market penetration through an integrated multimedia advertising campaign in targeted areas of the nation.
  5. Study the feasibility of field offices in key markets that would coordinate national outreach efforts in student and faculty recruitment, alumni services and fund-raising.
  6. Increase efforts to engage alumni in recruitment and advancement efforts.

Goal 10

Increase International Engagement

  1. Expand and intensify recruiting to increase international students, including enrolled students and exchange or affiliation agreements.
  2. Increase participation rate of SHU-sponsored international study programs.
  3. Organize, publicize, and promote Seton Hall programs, and recruit and sup-port international students and faculty.
  4. Increase efforts to engage international alumni and evaluate feasibility of establishing field offices in key markets that would coordinate international recruitment, alumni services and fund-raising.
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