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Sports Poll Facility


The Seton Hall University Polling Center, located on the fifth floor of Jubilee Hall on the Seton Hall campus, is the nerve center of the Seton Hall Sports Poll.

Consisting of 18 work stations, each station has a dedicated PC. The PC at each work location is a state of the art call center. Each PC has an application installed that completes three basic functions:

  • Manage the script of the polling agent (or interviewer);
  • Help log the responses to a network server database for later tabulation; and
  • Establish the telephone connection between the PC headset/microphone and the person being interviewed (or respondent).

The technology installed in 2005 is full duplex voice over the internet.  Many point-to-point services (e.g. a laptop to a specific phone) are available today.

What makes the Sharkey Institutes SHU polling center special is that the 18 workstations must be kept busy working the time zones across the country. The system recognizes a polling agent has completed a call and begins auto dialing from a continental U.S. list of 10,000 random phone numbers to an appropriate time zone. Then, in a few milliseconds it connects an answered phone to the available polling agent.

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