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Research Laboratories

The Department of Speech-Language Pathology emphasizes the application of theory and research to practice, addressing efficacy issues and evidence-based practice. Our on-campus labs are used by faculty and students to conduct research.

Audiology Laboratory

The laboratory enhances academic coursework by providing students the opportunity to make the connection between in class lecture material and the actual provision of these clinical procedures. Students are able to observe audiometric procedures as well as get hands on experience with procedures that will be within the scope of practice for the speech-language pathologist.

Communication Neuroscience and Aphasia Research Laboratory (CNARL)

The CNARL at Seton Hall University has a twin function: 1) to create a research/learning environment in the area of neutral bases of human communication, and 2) to fulfill the research and learning needs of graduate and doctoral students in the areas of aphasia and kindred neurogenic disorders of communication in adults.

Please contact Dr. Balasubramanian, Associate Professor, for more information (email:

The Developmental Language and Cognition Laboratory

The mission of the Developmental Language and Cognition Laboratory is to understand a) the typical course of language development; b) the cognitive skills that underlie that development (play, gesture, memory, attention); c) how children with language impairments differ in these processes; and the efficacy of treatments for children with language impairments. Dr. Capone Singleton specifically has an interest in the relationship between gesture and spoken language and is currently developing a line of research in pediatric feeding/swallowing.

Please contact Dr. Capone Singleton, Associate Professor, for more information (email: Lab Website:

Fluent and Dysfluent Speech Laboratory

The research in this laboratory is focused on understanding the role of sensory feedback on speech production processes in normal and stuttering individuals. The long-term goal is to incorporate advances in our understanding of speech production processes in developing and testing newer treatments for children and adults who stutter.

Please contact Dr. Dayalu, Associate Professor and Department Chair, for more information (email:

The Reading, Oral Language and Writing Laboratory (ROW-Lab)

The mission of the ROW-Lab is to engage in the study of the relationships between and development of reading, oral language and writing abilities in typical and disordered school-age children. The ROW-Lab has several exciting projects currently underway, and we are always looking for collaborative opportunities with other labs within and across disciplines. Please contact Dr. Anthony Koutsoftas, Assistant Professor and Director of the ROW-Lab, if you have any ideas or inquiries (email: Lab website:

Voice Analytics and Neuropsychology Laboratory (VAN Lab)

Dr. Sona Patel is the Director of the VAN Lab, located in Jubilee Hall, Room 619. This laboratory is fully equipped with a BrainVision 64-channel active electrode system and related software to perform electroencephalographic (EEG/ERP) recordings and analysis of brain activity. The laboratory also has high-precision hardware necessary for accurate, high-quality vocal recordings, perceptual testing and real-time altered auditory feedback, including a 7 x 9 IAC sound-treated chamber. All computers in the laboratory are prepared with specialized software for performing sophisticated signal processing.

The goal of the VAN Lab is to examine the link between the behavioral and neurological aspects (EEG, fMRI) of voice and prosody for the development of neuropsychological measures to predict speaker states (emotion, health, etc.) and describe neurological diseases. We conduct behavioral experiments where we make several psychophysiological measurements while our participants respond to voice/speech stimuli. We also perform mathematical modeling of responses. Please contact Dr. Patel, a faculty member in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology, at or 973-313-6081 if you are interested in participating in any of the current research projects.

Speech and Voice Outcomes Laboratory

Kathleen Nagle, PhD, CCC-SLP, is Director of the Speech and Voice Outcomes (SVO) Laboratory. Dr. Nagle is currently investigating the reliability of expert ratings on the Consensus Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation of Voice (CAPE-V), a commonly used perceptual rating scale for disordered voice. More information about the SVO Lab: Lab Website: