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B.A. Social Work Curriculum

In addition to meeting the standards and requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, degree candidates must complete additional requirements with the department of Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work and Criminal Justice. All programs are planned in consultation with a department adviser who may modify the program in view of the students' backgrounds and objectives. 

Please note: Classes and program requirements are subject to change. Students who enroll at Seton Hall will follow the catalogue guidelines for the year they matriculate. Catalogues for each year are generally released in the late summer.

Freshman/Sophomore Year

SOWK 111 Introduction to Social Work 3

Junior Year

SOWK 3335 Ethics in Social Work Practice 3
SOWK 3201 Social Problems and Programs 3
SOWK 3301 Social Policy Analysis 3
SOWK 3511 Behavior and Environments I 3
SOWK 3512 Behavior and Environments II 3
SOWK 3611 Theory and Practice I 3
SOWK 3811 Junior Practicum 3
SOWK 3910 Research Methods in Social Work 3

Senior Year

SOWK 4811 Senior Practicum I 3
SOWK 4812 Senior Practicum II 3
SOWK 4911 Theory and Practice II 3
SOWK 4912 Theory and Practice III 3
SOWK 5111 Senior Research Seminar 3

Electives - Choose any two of the following

SOWK 1911 Introduction to Gerontology  3
SOWK 2912 Psychosocial Aspects of Aging  3
SOWK 2311 Child Welfare Policy Practice  3
SOWK 2312 Trauma-Informed Social Work Practice     3
SOWK 2314 Social Work and the Law 3
SOWK 2333 Current Issues and Trends 3
SOWK 2334 A Social Work Approach to Race/Bias 3
SOWK 2335 Family Violence 3
SOWK 2653 Substance Abuse Assessment and Intervention 3

Elective Credits Required for the Social Work Major: 6