Seton Hall University
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Cadet Chain of Command

Cadet Battalion Commander

Curtiss Bailey

Duties and Responsibilities:
Provides guidance and direction; delegates responsibilities to Cadet leadership and staff to execute assigned missions. Serve as the standard bearer (leads by example) builds an effective chain of command and develops a positive command climate. Communicates intent and empowers subordinates to act appropriately to accomplish missions. Supervises the Battalion XO, Cadet leadership and Command Sergeant Major. Directs and supervises the long-range planning of major events and activities. Delineates responsibilities and expectations. Sets deadlines and enforces standards. Implements Cadre guidance. Supervises and evaluates the execution of plans.

Cadet Sergeant Major

Patrick Velcamp

Duties and Responsibilities:
Principle advisor to the commander on the state of morale, discipline and training of cadets within the Battalion. Works with Battalion to ensure that correct information regarding training, special events ect... is passed up and down the chain of command and Cadets improve their professional appearance both in uniform and of ROTC facilities and equipment. CSM also oversees the training and performance of the Color Guard at special events, ensures formations and drill/ceremony are executed in accordance with FM 3-22.5, runs the flag duty detail, fosters unit morale and attends weekly Battalion command and staff meetings and preforms all other duties as assigned by the Battalion Commander.

Cadet Executive Officer

Isabella Fisher

Duties and Responsibilities:
Second in command; assumes command in the Battalion Commanders absence. Serves as Chief of Staff; coordinates the efforts of the Battalion staff. Anticipates requirements and directs staff estimate process, supervises staff planning, coordination, and execution of all specified and implied tasks. Assigns staff proponents for specific tasks. Ensures staff officers maintains continuity folders and pass lessons learned to incoming staff. Ensures staff serves Cadet leadership chain. Schedules and controls staff meetings. Ensures that safety briefings are present at all events.

Cadet Operations Officer

Victoria Vallejo

Duties and Responsibilities:
Principle staff officer for all matters regarding all operations and training. Plans and publishes orders for all special events, field training exercises and weekly chain of command (i.e. Lab, PT). Assigns specific tasks and responsibilities to subordinate units; tasks units IAW their capabilities to accomplish missions effectively and in accordance with Commanders intent. Also, oversees Cadet labs, PT program, Ranger Challenge team and finally the units safety program (ensures risk management is addressed in all operations). Ensures the Cadet Leadership Development Program (LDP) is managed effectively throughout the school year.

Cadet Company Commander

William Bernier

Duties and Responsibilities:
Leads by example. Builds a positive command climate, and is ultimately responsible for everything the Company does or fails to do. Provides input to Battalion planning, and ensures Cadets are adequately prepared to execute their responsibilities, especially during Leadership Training Exercises.

Cadet Duties and Responsibilities: MS III
MS III Cadets serve in several leadership positions as Squad Leader, Staff NCO, Platoon Sergeant, or First Sergeant. MS IV Cadets and Tactical Company Commander determine who serves in each leadership position. The Company Commander will develop a leadership matrix, listing dates in leadership and position assignments and will post the matrix in the ROTC bulletin board located on the 4th Floor of Mooney Hall.

Cadet Duties and Responsibilities: MS II
MS II Cadets will serve as Team Leaders for their squads and will be evaluated by their MS III NCO, receiving positive or negative feedback. The MS II takes charge of the Squad in the absence of the Squad Leader and upholds the standards of the unit.

Cadet Duties and Responsibilities: MS I
MS I cadets normally do not serve in leadership positions unless specifically instructed to do so by Cadet Staff or Cadre. MS I Cadets serve as the Privates of the Battalion and will follow the orders of those appointed over them.

Cadet Company Executive Officer

Vincent Scarlatella