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Seton Hall University
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Why Use Publications?

As a unit of Seton Hall, we have a deep, shared interest in your project’s success. We also intimately understand your department — its history as well as its audiences and aims. Based on years of experience working only on Seton Hall projects, we clearly understand what it means to represent the University in visual form.

Equally important — unlike commercial vendors — our goal is not to make a profit on a project. Our primary goal is to further Seton Hall’s mission. You’ll find that our fees are well below general market rates. (We charge University approved-rates only for time spent on design.)

Offices We Work With

  • Procurement
    Procurement is the lead manager of the relationship with the vendor that supplies the stationery to Seton Hall’s schools, colleges and administrative departments. Procurement handles general stationery/vendor questions.

    The Publications department is consulted for graphic standards questions (e.g., requests for new logos or inquiries about Seton Hall’s consumer marks.)
  • Athletics
    Publications works with Athletics to manage the representation of the University’s athletics marks.
  • Information Technology
    Publications works with IT to develop multichannel marketing materials. (For example, if a printed event invitation has a Web component, Publications will often adapt the creative for the Web.)

    Projects that do not include a print component typically would not involve Publications.

Specific University Publications

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