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Seton Hall University

Emergency Phones Map

     1W. Cabrini Hall    2W. Xavier Hall    3W. McNulty - Near Boland Hall Lot    4W. McNulty Hall - Near Gerety    5W. Corrigan Hall    6W. McQuaid Hall    7W. Alfieri Hall    8W. Recreation Center - Seton Drive    9W. Recreation Center - Rear WSOU    10W. Recreation Center - Field House Parking    11W. Mooney Hall - Rear    12W. Health Services    13W. Human Resources    T1. Mooney Hall - Front    T2. Boland Hall    T3. McNulty Gate    T4. Fahy Gate    T5. Bayley Hall    T6. Serra - Neumann - Front    T7. Serra - Neumann - Rear - A-Lot    T8. University Center - Rear    T9. Art Center - D-Lot    T10. Wilden Pedestrian Gate    2P. Parking Deck    1P. Parking Deck    3P. Parking Deck    4P. Parking Deck   Campus Emergency Phones Map.

Click on locations on map to view a photo of Emergency Phones.

Wall Units.(W) 

1W. Cabrini Hall
      2W. Xavier Hall
      3W. McNulty Hall - Near Boland Hall Lot
      4W. McNulty Hall - Near Gerety
      5W. Corrigan Hall
      6W. McQuaid Hall
      7W. Alfieri Hall
      8W. Recreation Center - Seton Drive
      9W. Recreation Center - Rear WSOU
      10W. Recreation Center - Field House Parking
      11W. Mooney Hall - Rear
      12W. Health Services
      13W. Human Resources

Tower Units.(T)

T1. Mooney Hall - Front
      T2. Boland Hall
      T3. McNulty Gate
      T4. Fahy Gate
      T5. Bayley
      T6. Serra - Neumann - Front
      T7. Serra - Neumann - Rear - A-Lot
      T8. University Center - Rear
      T9. Art Center - D-Lot
      T10. Wilden Pedestrian Gate

Parking Deck Units.(P)

1P. Parking Deck
      2P. Parking Deck
      3P. Parking Deck
      4P. Parking Deck

Important Note: Parking Deck Phones at each location on every level. (P)

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