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Seton Hall University

Jeffrey Levy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology

I have been at Seton Hall since 1972, chairing the Department of Psychology from 1984-2008. Being trained in experimental psychology, my professional career has been dedicated to establishing an appropriate environment to offer a curriculum grounded in empirical research.

Since 1997 the Department has been located on the third floor of Jubilee Hall where it possesses outstanding human and infrahuman laboratory facilities. These facilities enabled the Department of Psychology to introduce a strong mentoring-based M.S. program in Experimental Psychology with concentrations in Psychological Science or Behavioral Neuroscience.

As an undergraduate at Hunter College, I was drawn to psychology by the potential to merge science with practice in order to address significant individual and societal problems. My teaching areas of specialization include learning and behavior modification. These interests permeate my textbook, Adaptive Learning and the Human Condition, published by Pearson in 2013.