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Seton Hall University

Wanda Knapik

College of Arts and Sciences

Wanda Knapik, owner of the ecological design firm My Local Garden LLC, partnered with Gourmet Dining in 2011, to design and create the organic vegetable and herb garden located next to Xavier Hall. She teaches in the garden, focusing on practical skills (growing healthy soil and food) and solutions to reverse global warming. She connects students with nature on local organic farms, hikes in the woods, and with tree planting and pollinator habitat projects. She is the Tree Inventory Project Leader, collaborating with the South Orange Environmental Commission to create an inventory of campus and public street trees, with the help of student and resident volunteers. She works with the Facilities Engineering Department, engaging the students in the Ecology Club and SGA to grow a greener campus. She is a member of the Bernardsville Environmental Commission (Somerset County) and the director of the Bernardsville Community Garden.

She has over 10 years of regenerative farming experience on organic and biodynamic farms and gardening experience in urban and suburban client gardens across NJ and NY.