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Curriculum: M.A., School Counseling (Online)

The Master of Arts in School Counseling is a 48-credit program that prepares students for certification as school counselors through theoretical, clinical, and professional coursework and training experiences including a 9 credit field internship in a school. Students join a cohort or learning team of students who progress through the program together. They complete 8 semesters over 2 to 2-1/2 years. This learning team approach is a key component to student success with the online delivery of courses. The only restrictions to this program are the transfer of credits and individual courses.

Coursework: M.A. School Counseling

CPSY 6002 Counseling Theories 3
CPSY 6103 Abnormal Psychology 3
CPSY 6301 Career Development and Counseling 3
CPSY 6315 Group Counseling 3
CPSY 6003 Counseling Skills 3
CPSY 6005 Appraisal and Assessment in Counseling 3
CPSY 6102 Psychology of Human Development 3
CPSY 6505 Principles of Learning and Behavior Modification 3
CPSY 8100 Multicultural Counseling and Psychology 3
CPSY 6306 Counseling and Community Agencies 3
CPSY 7101 Research Methods 3
CPSY 7310 Practicum in Counseling 3
CPSY 7380 Internship in Counseling I 3
CPSY 7381 Internship in Counseling II 3
CPSY 6305 Counseling and Supervision in School Settings 3
CPSY 7001 Counselor Ethics in Practices 3

Students complete a comprehensive final exam or capstone project at the end of the degree or in the semester of Internship II.

Coursework: Ed.S. Professional Counseling

Students can begin to register for these in Semester V of the M.A. Program

CPSY 6302 Orientation to Professional Counseling 3
CPSY 6310 Etiology and Treatment of Addictions 3
CPSY 6601 Couple & Family Dynamics:  Systemic Perspectives 3
CPSY 7005 Statistics & Computer Applications 3
CPSY 8520 Seminar in Psychopathology (prerequisite 6103) 3
CPSY 7383 Internship in Counseling III 3

Total 18


This initial face-to-face experience is essential for your continued educational success online. We ask you to attend for only 4 days at the start of the program and then again the following year. Your expenses are included in the cost of your tuition except for your transportation to and from the residency. This is a small commitment for a large benefit.