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Curriculum: M.A., School Counseling (Online)

The Master of Arts in School Counseling is a 48-credit program that prepares students for certification as school counselors through theoretical, clinical, and professional coursework and training experiences including a 9 credit field internship in a school. Students join a cohort or learning team of students who progress through the program together. They complete 8 semesters over 2 to 2-1/2 years. This learning team approach is a key component to student success with the online delivery of courses. The only restrictions to this program are the transfer of credits and individual courses.

Coursework: M.A. School Counseling

CPSY 6002 Counseling Theories 3
CPSY 6103 Abnormal Psychology 3
CPSY 6301 Career Development and Counseling 3
CPSY 6315 Group Counseling 3
CPSY 6003 Counseling Skills 3
CPSY 6005 Appraisal and Assessment in Counseling 3
CPSY 6102 Psychology of Human Development 3
CPSY 6505 Principles of Learning and Behavior Modification 3
CPSY 8100 Multicultural Counseling and Psychology 3
CPSY 6306 Counseling and Community Agencies 3
CPSY 7101 Research Methods 3
CPSY 7310 Practicum in Counseling 3
CPSY 7380 Internship in Counseling I 3
CPSY 7381 Internship in Counseling II 3
CPSY 6305 Counseling and Supervision in School Settings 3
CPSY 7001 Counselor Ethics in Practices 3

Students complete a comprehensive final exam or capstone project at the end of the degree or in the semester of Internship II.

Coursework: Ed.S. Professional Counseling

Students can begin to register for these in Semester V of the M.A. Program

CPSY 6302 Orientation to Professional Counseling 3
CPSY 6310 Etiology and Treatment of Addictions 3
CPSY 6601 Couple & Family Dynamics:  Systemic Perspectives 3
CPSY 7005 Statistics & Computer Applications 3
CPSY 8520 Seminar in Psychopathology (prerequisite 6103) 3
CPSY 7383 Internship in Counseling III 3

Total 18


This initial residency experience is essential for your continued educational success online. We ask you to attend a 3-day residency at the beginning of the program and then a year later that may be held face to face or virtually. This is a small commitment for a large benefit.