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Curriculum: Ed.S., Marriage and Family Therapy

The Ed.S., Marriage and Family Therapy program provides students with the theoretical background and experiential training necessary to develop professional qualifications as couple and family therapists.


Degree Requirements (39 credits minimum)

CPSY 6102 Psychology of Human Development
CPSY 7610 Human Sexuality I
CPSY 7615 Gender and Ethnicity in Families
CPSY 7620 Seminar in Systematic Therapies
CPSY 7621 Couple and Family Systems Techniques I
CPSY 7622 Couple and Family Systems Techniques II
CPSY 8011 Seminar on Ethical and Legal Issues: A Systemic Review
CPSY 8517 Seminar on Psychopathology and Systemic Diagnoses
CPSY 8617 Applied Research Methods & Statistical Analysis
CPSY 8800 Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Marriage & Family Therapy (as elective)
CPSY 8801 Foundations of Assessment and Treatment in Systems
CPSY 9880 Internship in Couple and Family Therapy I
CPSY 9881 Internship in Couple and Family Therapy II

The prerequisites for the Ed.S. are CPSY 6601 (Couple and Family Dynamics: Systemic Perspectives) and CPSY 6103 (Abnormal Psychology).
Note: All classes are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated.

Clinical Work:

Accreditation clinical standards require a minimum of 500 hours of supervised client contact (100 hours must be approved supervision) at an appropriate site with an approved supervisor for completion of the program (at least 50 percent with family and couples). Following program faculty review and approval, students can transfer up to 250 hours of client contact if currently working with clients under a program approved supervisor. The hours are limited to the one year period immediately preceding the first semester of coursework. When all academic and clinical requirements are completed, students take part in the oral defense of a written case study accompanied by taped clinical processes.

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