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Seton Hall University

Update on the Presidential Search

July 12, 2018

Dear Members of the University Community:

Since February 27, when the Board of Trustees amended the University By-Laws in order to permit the Board of Regents to expand the search beyond qualified priests to include qualified, practicing Roman Catholic lay persons, the Board of Regents, through its presidential search committee, has conducted a comprehensive search for the University’s 21st president. Representatives from various University constituencies have participated confidentially in the process. On behalf of the Regents, I thank the priests, faculty, deans, administrators, and students who provided valuable input.

Although the search resulted in the identification of some talented candidates, collectively the Regents did not deem any of them to be the one to lead the University in this time of unprecedented success and opportunity.

With the best interests of the University in mind, the Regents have therefore decided to continue and renew the search process. In the next few weeks, a new search firm will be retained and a new search committee will be constituted.

I am pleased to advise you that the Board of Regents has asked Dr. Mary Meehan to continue to serve as Interim President until June 2019, and she has readily agreed to do so. Since April 2017, Dr. Meehan has done an exceptional job. Under her leadership, University enrollment has increased. The alumni giving-rate has also increased dramatically. The new medical school has been reconfigured in a much more financially prudent way, and the first class has arrived. The Regents are extremely grateful to Dr. Meehan for her leadership during this critical time in the history of the University.

The selection of our next president is crucially important. Thank you for your support as we move forward together.

Patrick M. Murray
Chair, Board of Regents

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