Seton Hall University
Seton Hall student, reviewing in a study room.

Academic and Student Support

Academic Support Center

At the Academic Support Center, we understand the rigors and challenges of pursuing a science degree. The Academic Support Center was created to propel scholars over their roadblocks and barriers to achieving success.
The Academic Support Center provides services to equip PMPDPP scholars with the skills and tools to achieve academic excellence. Our peer tutor model was curated to help our scholars master course material, think critically, share wisdom on test taking and cultivate a strong sense of community. In this welcoming environment scholars can get the help they need to obtain their degrees.
Tutoring sessions are organized in one-to-one or in small-group sessions by scheduled appointment or drop-in. The Academic Support Center also facilitates access to 24/7 online tutoring that is available for all disciplines.

Services Offered:

  • Tutoring
  • Structured Study
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Finals Week Preparation (Books and Brunch)
  • MCAT Examination Preparation

Location/ Hours of Operation: The Academic Support Center is located on the upper level of Arts & Sciences Hall. We are open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The Pre-Medical/ Pre-Dental Plus Program Advising Services provides specialized one-on-one attention to scholars on their journey to graduation and medical/professional school. Each scholar will craft an Action Plan alongside a PMPDPP professional staff member to aid in ensuring academic success. Through advising, we aim to help our scholars achieve their personal, professional, and educational goals.

Our Advising "White C.O.A.T" Pledge:

Communication: Our team is available to help students through open communication and dialogue to assist in any way to ensure student success. 

Opportunity: Our team provides scholars with information regarding shadowing opportunities, medical summer program opportunities as well as a partnership opportunity (Access Med) with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School for students that are from underrepresented backgrounds in medicine. 

Attention: Each scholar receives one on one attention and support to help them achieve their goals. Our team continually motivates, inspires, and empowers our scholars throughout their journeys. 

Thrive: We want all our PMPDPP scholars to thrive! Through programming, workshops, field trips, and conferences geared toward students pursuing health careers we can help our scholars thrive!