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Message from the Director

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Dear students:

I am pleased to be able to help you with the pre-law process, and look forward to meeting you in a one-on-one advising session. In these meetings we can discuss:

  • Whether a legal career is right for you
  • A vision for how your legal career might serve others
  • How to choose college classes and activities that might be helpful in applying to and attending law school
  • A strategy for selecting an appropriate portfolio of potential law schools
  • Tips on highlighting your unique strengths on law school applications
  • Insight on the real-life practice of law and the habits and qualities of lawyers
  • Opportunities to meet, network with and ask questions of practicing lawyers

Drop-in office hours posted on the door of Jubilee Hall Room 520, or email to set up an appointment.

Note on Curriculum
Law schools accept students of all disciplines, and law school faculty do not expect you to enter law school with any prior legal knowledge. Instead, they expect entering students to have strong writing and analytical skills. Many students major in political science prior to applying to law school, but that is by no means the only possible major for pre-law students. In addition, while there is no pre-law major at Seton Hall, the college does offer numerous classes on law-related topics, most within the discipline of political science. You may want to enroll in some of these classes to see if the field of law interests you before you commit to applying to law school. Overall, though, it is best to choose your major, your classes and your extracurricular based on what most interests and challenges you.

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