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Law School Admission Process

Deciding where to apply, or where to attend law school once you have been accepted, is a very important and highly personal decision. Many factors must be considered, including cost, location, school reputation and school profile. You can find much of the information you need on the Law School Admissions Council website. Look at “law school descriptions” once you enter the site. 

Law schools usually invite admitted students to visit their campuses in an effort to persuade them to attend. Also, the LSAC’s Law Forums, which are held each fall around the United States, are an excellent opportunity to get first-hand information from admissions representatives. Each year I accompany Seton Hall University students to the New York Law School Forum in October.  

There are no universal rules about choosing the right law school. It is a personal, individual decision, and it is best made with sufficient information and proper guidance. The Office of Pre-Law Advising provides both. 

The following links will help prepare you to apply to law school: 

  • Law School Admissions Council 
  • Law School Application Checklist 
  • LSAT Exam 
  • Undergraduate GPA (UGPA) and Curriculum 
  • Financing Law School 
  • Letters of Recommendation 
  • Useful Links

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