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Dual Admission to Seton Hall

*This program is available for students who entered Seton Hall Fall 2015 or earlier, and is currently not available to new incoming students.*

Undergraduate applicants to Seton Hall University have a unique opportunity to pursue a career as a lawyer: dual admission to Seton Hall University School of Law. The Seton Hall School of Law is a nationally ranked law school with a number 1 ranking in metropolitan New York and number 6 ranking nationally in a recent survey of student satisfaction, and number 2 in the nation for judicial clerkship placement. The Health Law & Policy program is among the best in the nation. The overall excellence of the School of Law is reflected in the fact that its graduates have a job placement rate of 97 percent within six months of graduation. Because the School of Law and the undergraduate colleges and schools are committed to the future success of their graduates, undergraduate applicants can apply for admission to Seton Hall School of Law at the same time they apply for admission to their freshman year at Seton Hall University.

Based on applicants' successful admission to the University, their high school GPA rank, and their SAT score, the School of Law will pre-admit a select group of students. If those students 1) maintain a 3.0 in their freshman year and 3.2 in all subsequent years, 2) complete their entire undergraduate program at Seton Hall and within 5 years, 3) take the LSAT to be considered for scholarship aid and placement in their law school class, 4) complete the Seton Hall School of Law admission application in the fall semester prior to the completion of their undergraduate program, and 5) do not engage in conduct that might deny them admission to the Bar, they can be assured of a seat in the entering One-L class of the Seton Hall School of Law.

To be considered for this program, please indicate such on your application to the University. If you have any questions, please contact the admissions office at 1-800-The Hall or (973) 313-6145 or

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