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Scholarship Opportunities

Each academic year, the Center for Public Service and the Department of Political Science and Public Affairs at Seton Hall University award close to $75,000 in direct tuition assistance to students in our MPA program.  The following outlines: 

  • different types of M.P.A.-only scholarships available;
  • eligibility requirements and deadlines; and
  • the selection and award process.  

In order to maximize your eligibility for department scholarships, please submit your M.P.A. admissions application by April 1.  

If you have any questions about these scholarships please contact the director of the M.P.A. program, Dr. Matthew Hale, at

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarships 

The Hearst scholarship is made possible by a generous endowment from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. Hearst Scholarships are one of our “flagship” programs; as such, they are awarded to students with outstanding academic records and significant involvement in public service and nonprofit activities.  Hearst scholars generally have an incoming GPA of at least 3.5 and many Hearst scholars have significant experience in founding, managing or working in nonprofit and other public service organizations.  Learn more »

Reiner Endowed Scholarships 

The Reiner scholarship is made possible by a generous endowment by the Reiner Foundation. The Reiner Scholarships are highly competitive and awards are based primarily on academic merit. Reiner scholars generally have an incoming GPA of at least 3.5 and have a track record of significant involvement in nonprofit and public service work. Learn more »

Thomas J. Stanton Scholarship 

This scholarship is made possible through a generous gift to the Center for Public Service by Mrs. Jane Maloney Stanton in memory of her late husband Thomas J. Stanton.  The scholarship is awarded to in the spring of each academic year and is available to M.P.A. students entering in either the fall or spring semester.  Learn more »

Union County Nonprofit Scholarships 

This scholarship is only available to people who live or work in Union County New Jersey AND are in the Nonprofit Management Concentration.  Each year the department awards between $3,000 and $8,000 per year to academically qualified students who meet the residency and/or work criteria.  Learn more »

Unanue Scholarships 

The Unanue scholarships for M.P.A. students are made possible through a generous endowment from Joseph and Carmen Ana Unanue.  Learn more »

Seton Hall Graduate Assistantships 

In addition to these department only scholarships, Seton Hall University offers a number of graduate assistantships or “GAships” for short.  Graduate Assistants work approximately 20 hours per week in a campus office. In exchange, GAs receive full tuition remission and a monthly stipend. Each year the Provost’s office maintains a database of available GA positions. 

Find more information about graduate assistantships » 

While these positions are extremely competitive, M.P.A. students have a strong track record of applying for and getting a graduate assistantship on campus.  Each year the department provides a list of our top incoming students to the Provost’s office to be considered for open GA positions. 

Once you have been accepted into the program, department faculty and staff will work with you on your GA applications. However, a few tips are helpful for those applying for GAships: 

  • Visit the GA listing early and often. New positions regularly open up and you want to be first in line.  
  • Focus on GA positions in non-academic departments. Most academic departments (like Business) save the GA positions they have for their own graduate students (MBA students) so you are more likely to land a GA position in a non-academic unit. 
  • Focus you application on practical real world skills rather than a great GPA. While high GPAs are better than low ones; the people hiring you want to know that you can handle yourself outside the classroom in a work environment. 
  • Highlight the M.P.A. program.  We have a large number of M.P.A. students who, while working at Seton Hall get a M.P.A. degree, this can help.  In addition, we are a professional program that focuses on teaching practical real world skills. Hiring managers often like that. 
  • Ask for help. Let M.P.A. faculty and staff know you are applying for a GA position and where. We are here to help. 

If you have any questions about these scholarships please contact the director of the M.P.A. program, Dr. Matthew Hale, at