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Vacation Donation


In keeping with the Catholic mission of the University and the desire to help others in need, the vacation donation program has been created. The program allows employees to donate vacation time to help keep another employee in a paid status during emergencies that are consistent with the provisions of unpaid federal and state family medical leave laws such as the illness of employee, illness of an immediate family member or death of an immediate family member.


University Policy


This policy applies to all administrator and staff employees. 


Any employee may voluntarily donate vacation time to another employee who has exhausted all of their available sick time, vacation time and personal time due to an emergency situation. 
The donor employee must provide written authorization for vacation hour donation up to a maximum of 35 hours. The total of regular hours worked and donated hours credited during any pay period cannot exceed the recipient employee's normal hours worked. Sick leave is not eligible for vacation donation.


An employee who wishes to donate vacation time to another employee must complete the Accrued Vacation Donation Authorization Form.

The completed form should be submitted to Human Resources. Human Resources will verify that the employee has accrued the vacation time that they are donating. Human Resources will also verify that the employee receiving the donated time is in an unpaid status and verify the employee's emergency situation with the supervisor.
Once the confirmation is made, the Associate Vice President of Human Resources or designee will approve the donation and submit it to Payroll for processing. 
Donated time may not be used in situations where the employee is in unpaid status for less than one week.
Donated vacation time may not be used in cases where the employee is receiving any financial payments from worker's compensation, disability, paid leaves or other sources.
Donated time may not be used to offset unearned sick time or vacation time that an employee may have incurred.
The Associate Vice President of Human Resources or designee will evaluate the circumstances of each situation and determine whether or not to accept donated time.
The University reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. 

Responsible Offices



Effective Date

April 1, 2009

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