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Seton Hall University

Inter-Departmental Transfers


An Inter-Departmental Transfer Requisition and Invoice (IDT) (which can be obtained from General Accounting) is used to charge a cost center for an item or service provided by another cost center. If departments are shifting equipment, particularly capital equipment valued over $5,000 from one department to another, they should follow up with the University's Fixed Asset Disposition Form.


University Policy


The IDT form must be approved by the appropriate individual (indicated in Policy #104.0, Section C) requesting an item or service from another cost center prior to the item or service being provided.

Use of the IDT:

A. IDT forms are available at General Accounting.
B. The IDT form is used to charge cost centers for the following types of items and services provided by University facilities.

Budget Subcode Description

  • #3111 Supplies
  • #3311 Telecommunications
  • #3321 Postage
  • #3351 Photocopying/Printing
  • #3371 Publications
  • #3541 Physical Plant

C. The IDT must identify and contain for both the requesting and supplying department:

  1. Name of Department
  2. Account Number
  3. Approval Signature

D. The IDT should describe the articles or services provided and indicate the cost of the articles or service. Where applicable, the quantity of items and unit price should be indicated.

The Department
The department is responsible for supplying the items or services is responsible for the timely submission of the approved IDT form to the Accounting Department. Departments should submit the original IDT form to General Accounting. The NCR copies should be detached prior to submitting to General Accounting (pink goes to the requesting department and the canary goes to the supplying department). The minimum amount on an IDT form to be processed by the accounting department is $25.00.

The IDT cannot be used to charge items considered to be of a personal nature:

  • Personal gifts and/or luncheons/dinners for employees (i.e., as is customary on holidays, Christmas, birthdays, Secretary's Day, etc.).
  • Payment for attendance at special events of the University (i.e. sports dinners, Many-Are-One, etc.).

Exception: When attendance at special events of the University is required and job related, the employee should provide an explanation as to the business purpose and person(s) entertained in accordance with SHU Travel Policy 105.5 in the explanation section of the IDT form.

Responsible Offices


Approved by the Office of General Accounting. 

Effective Date

March 31, 1997

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