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Seton Hall University

Guest and Visitation Policy


The Guest and Visitation Policy allows for residents and visitors to interact in the Seton Hall residential community, while proving parameters to help promote a safe living environment that is conducive to student learning. The Guest and Visitation Policy applies to all Seton Hall University residents and their guests.


University Policy


Valid ID: A government-issued photo ID featuring birthdate and expiration date such as a valid driver’s license with a photo, military ID, or DMV non-drivers’ license. Photo college ID Cards are acceptable provided they are valid for the current term. Passports, expired IDs, birth certificates, green cards, and social security cards are not accepted. SHU students may only present their SHU ID cards.

Daytime: 8:01 a.m. until mid-night (11:59 p.m.). 

Guest: Any person who is not a resident of their host’s residence hall who is registered to a specific host.  

One-week period: Time between Sunday 12:01 a.m. to Saturday 11:59 p.m. 

Overnight: 12:01 a.m. and beyond to 8 a.m. 

Resident (Host): Any Seton Hall University student who has a current housing assignment.

Two Day Pass: A pass that expires in two days rather than one. Presuming the host will not exceed their maximum number nights for guest visitation, a host can request this pass for their guest.


  • A resident (host) student is responsible for his/her guest and their actions at all times.
  • The Guest and Visitation policy is in effect on the first day of classes in the Fall Semester and ends on the last day of classes in the Spring semester. During holidays, finals, campus emergencies, and other special events on campus, the policies are subject to change. Please refer to residence hall staff for further details. 
  • No guests are permitted when the University residence halls are closed for Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, or Easter breaks. 

Daytime guests: 

  • A resident (host) is allowed a maximum of three daytime guests (8am-midnight) at a time.
  • Visitors are issued day passes (valid 8am-midnight only) after registering at the residence hall front desk and must provide a valid ID.
  • Parents/guardians/grandparents should be met at the front desk of the residence hall and registered in the parents/grandparents log each time they enter the halls. They will be required to show ID and do not count towards daytime guest total. Any other family member wishing to visit must obtain a guest pass. Visitors under the age of 15 are not permitted in the residence halls at any time.

Overnight guests:

  • A resident (host) ( with the consent of their roommate) is allowed one overnight guest at a time, with a maximum of two times per week in any one week period.
  • An overnight guest must be the same gender as the resident (host) student. Note: A resident may co-host with someone of the opposite gender if the desired guest is the opposite gender of the host. Co-hosts must remain with their guest at all times.
  • Only guests with valid overnight passes are allowed through the front gate of campus after midnight.
  • Overnight guests are not permitted to visit residence halls other than the one in which they are registered.
  • An overnight guest pass is valid from time of issuance to noon of the following day.
  • No overnight guest is permitted to stay more than 20 nights in a semester, regardless of host.

Guest Passes: 

  • To obtain a guest pass, visitors to the residence halls must present one of the following:
    • Non-SHU Guests (including parents and family) – a valid government-issued photo ID (see above.)
    • SHU Commuter students – a valid SHU ID
    • Guest passes are issued between 8am and midnight. No guest passes are issued after midnight.
    • Parking passes for overnight guests can be obtained in the Office of Parking Services, 64 Duffy Hall, during regular business hours. At all other times, overnight parking passes can be obtained from the Office of Public Safety and Security. Note: Vehicles parked on campus overnight with improper parking passes are subject to a fine and/or towing.  

Off-campus apartments Guest Policy Addendums for Ora and Turrell:

  • In compliance with Seton Hall University's Guest and Visitation Policy, off-campus residents of Turrell Manor and Ora Manor are required to register their guests using our Off-Campus Area Overnight Guest Registration Form
  • All overnight guests of Ora Manor and Turrell Manor residents must adhere to the same policy as on-campus guests.
  • Guests who are found to be staying overnight without being registered will be asked to leave and their host will be documented for violation of the guest policy.

Underage or International Guests without a Valid ID: 

  • Students who wish to host a guest under the age of 18 must complete and have a copy of the Parent-International Consent form when they arrive to the residence hall. A professional HRL staff member will confirm with the parent/guardian listed on the application that they are aware of this visitation.
  • Guests under the age of 15 are not permitted in the residence halls.
  • Students who wish to host an international guest who does not have a valid ID must get their Parent-International Consent form approved by a Housing and Residence Life administrator 48 hours prior to their guest’s arrival to SHU. The international guest must bring their passport as well as a copy of their passport to the residence halls. 

SHU Commuter Guests: 

Commuter Hall Policy 

  • SHU Commuter Students must complete a Commuter Hall Access Privileges Application (located in the Housing Profile on PirateNet) at the beginning of every term to be granted un-escorted access to the residence halls during the hours of Monday-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm.
  • SHU Students who applied for and are approved for Commuter Hall Access Privileges are required to abide by the following terms:
    • Violation of parameters of commuter hall program will result in loss of the privilege for remainder of year.
    • Violation of any University or HRL policies, while in the residence hall, will be treated under the Community Standards process.
    • Provide accurate emergency contact information and re-enroll each semester for continuance of Commuter Hall Access Privileges.
    • Agree to leave SHU ID card at the front desk of the residence hall they are visiting. 
    • Agree to regularly check SHU Email for any potential updates regarding this privilege.
    • Agree to maintain a clear balance on their SHU Account.
  • SHU Commuter Students who are not approved for Commuter Hall Access Privileges must abide by all Guest and Visitation policies listed above. 

Responsible Offices


Dr. Tracy Gottlieb Vice President for Student Services.

Effective Date

March 21, 2017

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