Seton Hall University

Guest and Visitation Policy


The Guest and Visitation Policy allows for residents and visitors to interact in the Seton Hall residential community, while proving parameters to help promote a safe living environment that is conducive to student learning. The Guest and Visitation Policy applies to all Seton Hall University residents and their guests.  The Policy has been revised for 2020-21 academic year to reflect the health and safety protocols recommended by the Centers for Disease for Control (CDC) and the American College Health Association (ACHA) for mitigation of and reduction of risk related to COVID-19 virus transmission. 


University Policy


Valid ID: A government issued ID that includes birthdate and current photo (i.e. driver’s license, military ID, DMV identification).  A college ID that includes birthdate and photo is acceptable.  SHU students must present their SHU ID cards.  Copies of valid IDs are not accepted.

Daytime: 8:01 a.m. until 11:59 p.m.

Guest: Any Seton Hall enrolled student who is not a resident of their host’s residence hall, including resident students from other buildings, commuting students.

Resident (Host): Any Seton Hall University student who has a current housing assignment.


A resident (host) student is responsible for his/her guest and their actions at all times.

The Guest and Visitation policy is in effect on the first day of move-in in the Fall Semester and ends on the last day of classes in the Spring semester. During holidays, finals exams, campus emergencies, and other special events on campus, the policies are subject to change. Please refer to residence hall staff   for further details.

No guests are permitted when the University residence halls are closed for breaks.

While the State of New Jersey is in Stage 2, no guests are permitted.  External visitors are limited to deliveries, emergencies, maintenance, and official University business.


  • A Seton Hall student (resident or commuter) visiting another Seton Hall (in a different residence hall) must be signed in by the resident of the residence hall. Their student ID will be kept at the residence hall front until they leave.
  • A student can only use their SHU ID card to enter the residence halls. If they do not have it or lost it they must retrieve it and/or get a temporary ID.
  • Guests must be signed out by their host by 11:59pm.  A guest who is not signed out by their host is a minor violation for both the guest and host.  Three minor violations will result in a loss of visitation privileges for either the guest or the host.
  • Each resident is limited to one (1) guest at a time.  In addition, each pair of roommates is limited to one (1) guest at a time.  If both roommates have a guest at the same time, one host and guest will have to leave the room.
  • Both resident hosts and guests are responsible for their actions at all times and subject to the Student Code of Conduct and all associated University policies and procedures.  
  • Residents and guests are also expected to observe and exhibit the behaviors expressed in the Seton Hall Pledge at all times.


Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Vice President of Student Services


8/4/2020 - Revised