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Seton Hall University
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Seton Hall University ID Card

If you are a new student who has paid your initial tuition deposit fee, you are able to submit a photo online for your first University ID card. Before you submit your photo, please read the information provided here.

About the Seton Hall University ID card

The University ID card is your passport to Seton Hall University.  It grants you access to the Library and secure campus locations. The SHU card also allows you to make purchases on campus cafes and the University bookstore

ID card Photo Requirements

In order to get your Seton Hall University ID card, you'll need to submit a photo online. The photo should be passport-style and meet the following requirements:

  • The photo must be a recent, color, head and shoulder passport-style photo no older than 6 months. It must be saved as a JPEG file.
  • Only Accepted and/or Registered Students that have made their initial deposits may send in their University ID card photo!
  • When labeling your photo, please send the photo labeled with your Seton Hall Campus wide ID number and your name (e.g. 10101010_DoeJane).
  • If your photo is unacceptable, you will be notified that your picture will need to be taken at on-site.
  • The background should be uniform and light-colored.
  • You must be facing forward, with your head and shoulders clearly visible.
  • No photos with sunglasses or hats will be accepted.
  • The file cannot exceed 100k in size.
  • Your background must not have any other objects showing or your photo will be rejected!
  • The picture must clearly identify you and be of good quality.
  • Please do not upload copyrighted photos.
  • We will need to match your name and photo with your government-issued photo ID (Driver's license, Passport, etc.) to pick up your card when you arrive on campus.

Please note: The size of the photo you submit must be less than 100 kb (kilobytes).  If you need to resize your photo before submitting, you may do so by using any one of the following applications.

Submit a Photo
To submit a photo, please send the photo labeled with your Seton Hall Campus wide ID number and your name (e.g. 10101010_DoeJane) to  You will get an email back to let you know if your photo was accepted or not.

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