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Army ROTC is a leadership program that allows cadets to both attend college as a regular student, and train to commission as an Officer in the US Army upon graduation. A number of opportunities are available to prospective cadets joining the program, and there are a number of different schools a cadet can be a full-time student at and still receive a full scholarship from the Army. Whether you're in high school, college or already in the Army, there is a way you can become an Officer in today's Army.  Read more »

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  • 6 December- Over 30 Pirate Battalion Cadets and Cadre participated in the Dalessio 5K in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to honor alumni Captain Gregory T. Dalessio, who lost his life on 23 June 2008 in Baghdad, Iraq.
  • 8 December-  The Battalion held a Cadet Change of Command ceremony , transferring charge of the Battalion to a new group of Cadets.
  • 19 December - Winter 2014 Commissioning Ceremony will be held at 1:00 pm in the Chancellor's Suite of Bishop Dougherty University Center to bid farewell to three Cadets who will begin the next step of their Army Career.

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