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Emeritus/a Faculty


In recognition of distinguished and meritorious service rendered to Seton Hall University, the provost may confer on a retired faculty member the following designations:

  • professor emeritus/emerita
  • associate professor emeritus/emerita 
  • senior faculty associate emeritus/emerita
  • faculty associate emeritus/emerita

Faculty emeriti continue to be members of the University community and are granted a number of privileges as enumerated in this document.
Professors and associate professors who have served Seton Hall University full time for at least ten (10) years as tenured members of the faculty may apply for the emeritus status upon their retirement. Faculty associates and senior faculty associates who have served Seton Hall University for at least fifteen (15) years as members of the faculty may also apply for emeritus status upon their retirement. Requests for emeritus status shall be made by the faculty member in writing to the appropriate Dean. If the request is approved by the Dean, the Dean shall forward the request with indication of Dean approval to the Provost. The conferment of the faculty emeritus or faculty emerita title shall be at the faculty member’s rank at the time of his or her retirement. The title does not confer any employment status, rights or associated entitlements.
Faculty emeriti shall continue to abide by the policies and procedures of Seton Hall University. Emeritus status may be rescinded at any time by the provost. The termination of emeritus status may be appealed to the president.

University Services and Privileges
Faculty emeriti are invited and encouraged to play an active role in the intellectual life of Seton Hall University. To facilitate the maintenance of significant connections with faculty emeriti:

  1. Faculty emeriti will be listed in University catalogues.
  2. University Club privileges shall be retained by faculty emeriti.
  3. Recreation Center privileges, at faculty rates, shall be retained by faculty emeriti.
  4. Faculty emeriti may participate in academic processions, including faculty convocation, commencement, and Charter Day at Seton Hall.
  5. The University shall continue to provide an e-mail address to faculty emeriti.
  6. A Seton Hall University identification card shall be provided to faculty emeriti upon request.
  7. Parking privileges, at faculty rates, shall be retained by faculty emeriti.
  8. Faculty emeriti shall have the right to faculty discounts, where available, for the University bookstore, athletic events, performances and exhibitions.
  9. Library privileges shall be retained by faculty emeriti.
  10. Faculty emeriti shall be retained on all mailing lists that contain information of general interest to Seton Hall faculty.
Issued by the Provost, June 10, 2010

The University reserves the right to amend this academic policy at any time.

Effective Date

June 10, 2010

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