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About the Office of Community Relations
The Office of Community Relations is responsible for managing the University's relationship with the local community. In order for better communication, the Office of Community Relations develops ways to distribute information into the local areas.  The Office works closely with the Seton Hall community to encourage outreach programs, promote networking, and build partnerships in the surrounding neighborhoods.  The goal is to build partnerships that will open new opportunities for both the University and the surrounding community.       
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Our Programs
Home Away from Home
The Seton Hall Village Liaisons, in conjunction with the Neighbors Community Group, invite you to join the newly created Home Away from Home Program.  This program matches Seton Hall students with families in the surrounding community to come together to share a meal and dinnertime conversation.  The dinners help students get a taste of home while they continue their education and to help them feel more comfortable in a new environment. To sign up click here »
Community ID
The Community ID program is an initiative between the University and the South Orange and Maplewood neighborhoods.  The mission of the program is to build a more engaged community in the University.  The community ID is a card that is available to all residents of South Orange and Maplewood and entitles the community members to select services and programs offered by the University. Currently the program is in the planning and development stage and the exact benefits of the card are still be ironed out. For more information, click here »
Village Liaison Student Organization
The Community Relations Office works closely with the Village Liaisons of Seton Hall, a student organization whose members, seek to illuminate the dual role as students and servant leaders of Seton Hall University and citizens of the Township of South Orange Village. As student residents and active contributors to the overall good of the community, the Village Liaisons seek to establish constructive partnerships and foster durable relationships with commercial, governmental, and residential enterprises, for the sharing of mutually beneficial information and services, thus bridging the geographical divide between the student campus community and the village neighbors. For more information, click here »
Community Tours
Community tours are designed to encourage members of the community to explore Seton Hall's South Orange Campus. By inviting the public to our community, we hope to help residents better understand who we are, what we are about, and the ways in which our community merges with theirs. The tours provide an understanding of the University and its history, explain what it means to be a part of the SHU community, inform visitors about the resources Seton Hall has to offer and create an understanding about the relationship between the our community and surrounding neighborhoods. 
What are ways to stay connected?
Neighbors Newsletters
The “Neighbors” newsletter is Seton Hall's community newsletter. The aim is to provide community members information about what's happening at Seton Hall. This newsletter is one step in strengthening the bridge that connects South Orange and the University. The Office of Community Relations is working diligently to gather and disseminate the projects and initiatives which the community would be interested in or take part in. Throughout Seton Hall there are a myriad of opportunities, from sporting events, to academic lectures, concerts and museum exhibits Seton Hall has a wealth of resources and opportunities available.  Along with articles of interest, the newsletter also provides residents with a calendar of events and highlights a distinguished resident in South Orange or Maplewood. To see past editions, please click here »
Monthly E-Newsletter
The monthly community e-newsletter is an e-mail publication sent to residents, businesses, and community groups that have signed up to be on the University's community e-mail list.  The e-newsletter includes news and information on University happenings that are of interest to the surrounding neighborhoods and ways to get involved. Also included is a calendar listing of the month's events that the community is encouraged and welcomed to attend.  To join the mailing list, please e-mail or click here to join our mailing list »

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