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Supporting Tomorrow's Ph.D. in Nursing Leaders  

In academic settings, longstanding challenges exist regarding maintaining the balance of teaching, service and the conduct of research. However, research remains vitally important to advancing the science of nursing and health care as well as improving the health of communities worldwide.

Ph.D. in nursing students at conferenceThe most rigorous scientific inquiry in Nursing continues to be at the Ph.D. level. A Ph.D. in Nursing Research and Theory Development is essential for the advancement of the nursing profession to expand nursing knowledge, generate theory, and to conduct rigorous applied and basic nursing research to ultimately improve health care. Additionally, through advanced course preparation, doctoral students in the Ph.D. program in Nursing Research and Theory Development are well prepared not only to be research investigators, but also importantly as future faculty engaged in teaching and serving as mentors for future generations of nurse scientists. An increased cadre of nurse scientists also enhances the ability of an institution to secure external funding and numerous grant opportunities, ultimately enhancing the profile of the University and College of Nursing.

As we are all aware, quality education, especially at the doctoral level, is expensive. Here at Seton Hall University, College of Nursing, obtaining a Ph.D. in Nursing Research and Theory Development is costly, at an approximate rate of $65,000 or more. Without financial assistance, many deserving candidates are hesitant to apply, or worse yet, unable to enroll.

As Dr. Kathleen Neville, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research states, "Given the nationally recognized changing demographics of Ph.D. in Nursing enrollments, there remains a paramount concern regarding having sufficient numbers of future nurse scientists prepared in theory development to advance the science of nursing."

As you may be aware, this past summer, the College of Nursing, along with the School of Health and Medical Sciences and Hackensack Meridian Health School of Medicine, transitioned to the Interprofessional Health Sciences Campus, a new state of the art facility in Nutley, N.J. This dynamic arrangement enhances opportunities for shared learning by fostering collaboration and interprofessional experiences. Our Ph.D. Nursing students will benefit from this broadening of perspective and inclusive approach to research, practice and education, an escalating trend in health care today.

Theresa Deehan 288 pic

Theresa L. Deehan, M.A.S., Assistant Dean for Business Affairs

In the recent past, the Seton Hall University College of Nursing was awarded a Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Foundation grant that facilitated educational funding for our Ph.D. in Nursing Research and Theory Development students. Perhaps, you were a fortunate recipient of that scholarship. While that grant has expired, and others will be pursued, your financial support is very much needed at this time. Through your generous support, your donation will provide funding to support doctoral study here in the College of Nursing, facilitating our historical recognition as a College at the forefront of nursing education.

Assisting our Ph.D. students in Nursing Research and Theory Development today will ensure future generations of nurse scientists, many of whom, will become Seton Hall Professors of Nursing tomorrow: teaching, mentoring, and guiding future generations of nurses, the lifeblood of all health care.

Please help with our goal in supporting worthy Ph.D. candidates and consider investing in tomorrow's nurse leaders. 

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