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D.N.P. Scholarly Projects

  • Maureen Byrnes
    Implementing a mHealth program within a homeless population of young mothers 
  • Colleen Carrington
    Perinatal Health Education Intervention Program for Adolescent and Young Adult Pregnant Homeless Women Living in Transitional Housing
    Best Practice Teaching Intervention Program for Staff Responsible for Care of the Mother-Baby Dyad
  • Teresa Conklin
    Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention Program in a University Health Service 
  • Marie A. Fagan
    Early Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in the Emergency Department 
  • Shantha Franks
    Transitional Care To Reduce 30-Day Heart Failure Readmissions Among The Long-Term Care Elderly Population 
  • Lisa Maria Friedrich
    Improving Patient Care Outcomes to Reduce Recurrent Admissions of Patients Discharged With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 
  • Patricia Hansen
    Antibiotic Resistance: Use of Delayed Prescriptions for Viral Syndromes in Urgent Care
  • Patricia Clark Pappas
    Implementation of a Wellness Program to Address Health Disparities in a Vulnerable Population
  • Kristine Bayot Sparks
    Initiating a Bystander awareness Program at a State University
  • Christine Tevlin
    Competency Guide for Intrathecal Nurses
  • Aileen T. Twomey
    The Patient-Centered Medical Home Model: Maintaining Patient Focus, Meeting the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Triple Aim, and Incorporating the Electronic Medical Record
  • Clare Wisor
    Increasing Compliance of Bar Code Medication Administration  in the Emergency Room

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