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What Are You Doing This Summer?  

Summer SessionsSummer sessions start on Tuesday, May 17. There's still room in most classes and registration is easy as a summer breeze. Explore class options on our summer web site, sign up today, and earn extra credits by June. Seton Hall students, visiting college students, and high school juniors and seniors are all welcome.

This summer's course offerings include Organic and Biochemistry, Core classes such as Journey of Transformation, Christianity and Culture in Dialogue, Business Writing and Introduction to Theater. The Stillman School of Business is running classes in Mobile App Development and Supply Chain Management. The Art and Science of Fly Fishing - imagine having a river as your classroom -- is also on our summer line up of exciting classes

There are hundreds of exciting courses to choose from.

Summer SessionsYou can explore the art and science of fly fishing or learn about some of the greatest American speeches of our time. Why not delve into cross cultural communication, web design, American music, or cell phone filming, just to name a few. This summer we'll be covering topics in audiology, anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, computer science, diplomacy, economics, education, environmental studies, finance, management, nursing, psychology, and many more.

Use the summer break to fulfill pre-requisites or explore a new major in smaller classes, taught by some of our top faculty. And if you're not spending summer nearby, stay connected to the Hall by taking one of many online courses. Summer sessions run from 2 - 6 weeks, beginning in May. Add a class during Intersession I course and earn three credits by early June!

If you're looking for a summer experience that is both intellectual and exotic, we have just thing.

You can study theater in London, travel writing in Italy, or Chinese language and culture at Beijing University. Tour the Panthéon, the Louvre, and the Pompidou while on a month-long study seminar in Paris. Become an exchange student at Sophia University in Tokyo, where Seton Hall has participated in a summer program for the past 30 years as part of our agreement to broaden and deepen the understanding between our countries. Study Abroad trips are open to students who are attending Seton Hall or other colleges.

Highly-motivated high school students who want to get a head-start on their college career are encouraged to enroll in Seton Hall's Pre-College program, a fun and unique opportunity to engage in academically rigorous, university-caliber coursework while earning college credit on our campus in July. Share classroom learning with undergraduates and expert faculty members, all while enhancing your college applications.

Registration for summer classes begins March 7. For more information about Summer at Seton Hall, visit our website.

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