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Two University Members Honored as National Role Models  

National Role ModelsBrandon Larmore '08/M.A. '11, director of the Academic Resource Center and Yvonne Pruitt, a junior Theatre major and peer adviser have been recognized as National Role Models at Minority Access' 17th Annual Conference in Washington D.C., which took place September 30 - October 2, 2016.

The Minority Access National Role Models Conference is established as one the most prestigious conferences of its kind according to Mason Monroe, director at Minority Access, Inc.

Said Monroe, "To be a recipient of the National Role Models Award, indicates the awardee has excelled in a field and their achievements are worthy of emulation by others. Since 2000, more than 500 faculty, students, administrators, alumni and renowned innovators worthy of emulation have been honored as role models at the National Role Models Conferences for their achievements."

Minority Access is a nonprofit organization committed to increasing diversity, decreasing disparities and reducing incidences of environmental injustices. Its mission is to assist colleges and universities, the Federal Government, agencies of other governments and corporations in implementing programs and providing services to recruit, enhance and retain underserved and underrepresented populations.

Associate Vice President of Freshmen Studies Robin Cunningham nominated Larmore, citing his work as a peer adviser, graduate assistant and now full-time employee. He was previously recognized as the Division of Student Services "Adviser of the Year" for his work with Habitat for Humanity. "He came right to mind; he is a true role model to students and an inspiration to colleagues," said Cunningham.

"I feel honored to be among a select group of individuals and validated that I'm doing what I set out to do, which is encouraging students to always do better and be the best version of themselves," said Larmore.

Minority Access honors inspiring students, faculty, innovators and diverse institutions as role models, rather than stars of sports and entertainment, to expand the pool of minority scientists, professionals and researchers, as well as, increasing access to fields underrepresented by minorities.

Brandon Larmore is just as adept at spotting a role model as being one. He nominated Yvonne Pruitt, Seton Hall's other recipient of the National Role Models Award.

"Yvonne Pruitt is a phenomenal student leader on campus who can be relied on for any task and is committed to helping students. She continues to pay it forward and help students thrive here at Seton Hall," said Larmore.

Pruitt has been recognized under the Division of Student Services' "Celebrate Our Students" program, which highlights students that have made an impact on campus. Her banner can be seen in the main entrance of Jubilee Hall. More recently, she devoted her time and efforts to directing the children's theater production, Once, In a Time of Trolls, at Seton Hall Weekend.

"I'm very proud. It's surreal at the moment. I'm grateful for my experience here and thankful for Dean Cunningham, Brandon and Dean Yates for giving me the opportunities to do great things," said Pruitt.

While attending the conference, Larmore and Pruitt shared their ideas and experiences with other attendees, learned new strategies on how to best engage students and how to instill in students the necessary skills to be successful in the job market and beyond.

Pruitt noted, "It was empowering to see minorities being celebrated. In the climate of our world today, we turn on the news and there's usually something negative that minorities are a part of. People tend to focus on that. This conference made sure that minorities succeeding in their endeavors had a chance to know that it is worth something and that we can, and do, make a difference. It was amazing to be surrounded by such support and encouragement."

"Both Brandon Larmore and Yvonne Pruitt embody servant leadership. They go above and beyond to give time to service that benefits the University. We are very proud here in the Division of Student Services. It is inspiring to know that we have people here that belong in such a prestigious group," said Cunningham.

For more information on Minority Access, Inc. and the National Role Model Conference, please click here. 

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