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The Petersheim Academic Exposition 2016  

PetersheimThe Petersheim Academic Exposition 2016: Share, Honor, Unite will take place Monday, April 18, through Saturday, April 23, 2016 in celebration of the scholastic accomplishments and academic interests of the entire Seton Hall University community, including both undergraduate and graduate students. The University community is invited to the Opening Ceremony at 12 noon on Monday, April 18, in the Main Lounge of the University Center. Opening remarks will be delivered by President Esteban and this year’s keynote speaker will be Nicholas H. Snow. In honor of this 20th anniversary milestone, the family of Matthew Petersheim, Exposition founder, will attend. Also attending will be students from North Star Academy Charter School of Newark, who will present work that they have been able to pursue this academic year with University mentoring.

The Annual Petersheim Academic Exposition is a university-wide event that celebrates the scholarly achievement of hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students through the sights and sounds of academic knowledge and its application. The EXPO is aligned with the University mission in several ways, honoring the innovative spirit of its founder, Matthew Petersheim, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, who passed away in 1998.

“The vision and legacy of Matthew Petersheim are so special and we were all moved by his engagement and his desire to get students involved,” explained Petersheim Committee co-chairs Sulie Chang and Jose Lopez.

“This special week enables us to communicate the scholarship and the research through the participation of our students in a learning environment as one of the few experiences where the entire community joins together to share in all the gifts we bring to our community, sharing all that we’ve learned and how to put these lessons to use on a professional level,” they said.

Keynote speaker Snow is professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, director of the Center for Academic Industry Partnership at Seton Hall University and interim director of the Office of Grants and Research Services. He is currently teaching advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in analytical chemistry and separation science. He has been recognized twice by the Seton Hall University Board of Regents for outstanding teaching and service to students. He maintains an active research group with projects involving rapid separations of complex mixtures, multidimensional separations, sampling techniques for chromatography, gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. He is especially interested in working with industrial and private partners in solving difficult analytical problems.

The Petersheim Academic Exposition steering committee encourages faculty members to support the academic exposition by incorporating student presentations within their courses this semester. Faculty sponsors are encouraged to support students to present their work in research symposia, poster sessions, presentations, panel discussions, theatrical performances, art exhibits, debates, concerts, and more. The steering committee encourages the incorporation of honorary ceremonies, discipline-specific speakers or other programming that may take place during and around the time of the academic exposition.

The deadline for student applications is March 31, 2016. To register for the opening ceremony and reception, and for more details on the EXPO program and activities, please visit the Petersheim Academic Exposition website.

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