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New Issue: The Lonergan Review, Vol. VII  

Lonergan Review The Bernard J. Lonergan Institute at Seton Hall announces the publication of Volume VII of The Lonergan Review. The theme of this issue, edited by Msgr. Richard Liddy is "Applying Lonergan."

This volume includes: Introduction (Morag McAleese); Moral Conversion: The Stripping Away of Self-Delusion (Patrick Byrne); Personal Differences in the Application of Generalized Empirical Method (Richard Grallo); Values Integration and Values Conflicts in Healthcare: Lonergan's Contribution ( Christine Jamieson & Hazel Markwell); The Integrity Continuum and Lonergan's Three Levels of Good ( Morag McAleese & Jessie MacNeil); Patters of Conscious Intentionality: an Autobiographical Exploration (James Morin) and Assisting Research Ethics Boards in Substantive Ethical Deliberation (Christine Jamieson).

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Categories: Faith and Service

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