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Tech MakerSpace  

Space154 is a hands-on collaborative place where faculty, students, and administrators can come to discover and learn new technologies.

With access to new and emerging high tech devices and a number of professional design programs, Space 154 offers members of the Seton Hall community the digital experience necessary to compete and excel in the 21st century workplace. And it does so in a stress-free, open environment keyed to exploration and even fun.

Make SpaceLocated on the ground floor of Walsh Library, Space154 occupies the former Computer Training Classroom. The transition of Space 154 in the Summer of 2016 was more than just a name change though, as the room, the technology and the teaching methodology has transformed so that it better "reflects the need for flexibility and adaptability when technology converges with learning," said Director of Instructional Design, Danielle Mirliss.

The space features innovative technologies available for use and instruction, including a 3D printer with TinkerCad and 123D Design programs, Autodesk software, Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits, and text mining and analysis software. A green screen, virtual reality google cardboards and an interactive white board are also available along with access to and informational sessions on Microsoft Office and blog creation programs.


Riad Twal conducts lab designing magnets and 3-D printouts of ghosts and pumpkins just in time for Halloween

"It's so important to realize that new technology surrounds us in the real world." Riad said, "You don't have to understand every intricacy of each new device, but just a basic understanding is enough to be the difference that matters in the workplace."

Noelle Schilling, a freshman physics and engineering major, said, "I always used to ask my teachers, 'Why does everything work the way it does?' and they used to get so frustrated with me, but not here."

Instructional designers Riad Twal and Veronica Armour say openness and the opportunity to explore are the main purposes of the new space, "Rather than just give answers, we would rather guide students and have them get interested in discussing the solutions to their questions about technology," Veronica Armour said.

"We're not preparing these students for a test, we're preparing them to be curious and tech interested people in this future of new and innovative technology which they have the opportunity to work with from an explorative and experimenting way," Riad stated.

"Just to get the idea of how things work is super important," said Jose Morocho, a freshman physics and computer engineering major. "The opportunity to learn and analyze the technology here from the ground up is exactly what I was looking for."

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) Center will continue to coordinate workshops and open lab times that focus on everything from using social media for learning to virtual reality and 3D design as it introduces new and emerging technologies to students, faculty and administrators.

TLTC will be bringing various holiday and professionally-themed technology workshops and open lab hours to Seton Hall's campus every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the semester.

The space is open from 3 – 4 p.m. on Mondays for the website designing WebDev Challenge, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. on Wednesdays for and 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. on Fridays. For a complete list of sessions along with descriptions and registration links, visit here »

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