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Take a Professor to Lunch  

Beginning OctobStudent and Professor Talker 2, undergraduate students will be able to treat their professors to lunch - or to dinner, or to breakfast - in the Pirate Dining Room. "Take a Professor to Lunch" is a new program designed to encourage students to get to know their professors outside of the classroom and to strengthen those important connections between students and their professors.

This is how the program works:

  • Any undergraduate student may invite up to up three professors to lunch (or breakfast or dinner) in the Pirate Dining Room.
  • The student picks up a ticket for the professor at the Dean of Students Office (Room 237, University Center). If the student is a commuter, he/she gets a ticket as well.
  • Tickets are only good for the Pirate Dining Room (not the Cove or cash dining areas).
  • The student and professor enjoy a meal in the Pirate Dining Room!

"Take a Professor to Lunch" is one of this year's initiatives for the Completion Committee. The program begins October 2nd and continues through the end of the fall semester. It is made possible by generous contributions from the Office of the Provost, Student Services, and Gourmet Dining. Bon appetit!

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For more information, please contact:

  • Karen Van Norman
  • (973) 761-9076
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