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Midway Through the Journey: Symposium Reviews Strategic Plan Progress  

ChapelIn February 2021, Seton Hall University embarked on its three-year strategic plan, Harvest Our Treasures, to fortify the University's strengths and express its timeless values in innovative and exciting ways.

As the University approaches the mid-point of its strategy implementation, the University community will listen, review and reflect on the strategic plan's progress so far during Midway Through the Journey - Reviewing and Reflecting on Harvest our Treasures: A Strategy Symposium on Wednesday, May 11 from noon – 5 p.m. in Bethany Hall.

Throughout the afternoon, faculty, administrators, students and other members of the University community will collectively pause, share updates, receive feedback on areas of opportunity and challenge, and recommend modifications, if needed, within the plan's intentionally flexible five goals.

"This symposium allows us to pause and engage in thoughtful dialogue on the progress around Harvest Our Treasures, which continues to guide Seton Hall's ongoing commitment to increase our distinction, enhance our reputation as a home for great minds and lead us into the future with confidence," said Michele L. Nelson, Vice President for Board Affairs and University Strategy. "Collaboration and shared governance are at the heart of the strategic plan's execution, and we look forward to this essential community-wide discourse."

Open to the Seton Hall community, symposium registration is now open. Those interested in attending can view the full schedule of events and reserve their seat by visiting the Midway Through the Journey website.

An opening session will provide an overview of the symposium and review major areas of progress. Following, goal and mission-focused meetings will feature:

  • External, higher education experts who will discuss national trends and provide context on the related goals/themes.
  • Status briefings on the University's specific progress by the Implementation Goal Committee co-chairs.
  • Q&A sessions with colleagues actively working on goal implementation, followed by community discussion about areas of impact and opportunities for strategy implementation.

To conclude the day's events, a closing reception will recognize the great work of the many members of the University community actively engaged in strategy implementation. The reception will also display the variety of books published this year by the University's faculty, in recognition of their contributions toward achieving the University's Academic Vision.

All sessions will be recorded and available through a PirateNet login for those who wish to review them after the symposium. Additionally, a feedback form will be available on the Midway Through the Journey website for those wishing to submit electronic feedback.

For additional information, please visit the symposium website or contact Maria LePage, Assistant to the Vice President and Coordinator of Board Affairs and University with any questions.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Maria LePage
  • (973) 761-9203