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Texting Study Named a ‘Best of 2016’ by NPR’s ‘Academic Minute’  

Teen Bedtime Texting ResearchAn "Academic Minute" radio broadcast by Dr. Peter Polos of Seton Hall's Division of Medical Residencies and Fellowships on the teen texting study he led and published was named a "Best of 2016" by NPR's "Academic Minute."

In the study, Dr. Polos along with other researchers at Seton Hall and the JFK Neuroscience Institute in Edison, NJ found a link between bedtime smartphone use by middle and high school students and insomnia, daytime sleepiness and poor school performance.

The paper, "The Impact of Sleep Time-Related Information and Communication Technology (STRICT) on sleep patterns and daytime functioning in American adolescents," was published in the Journal of Adolescence, and featured in media outlets across the country, including NPR's "Academic Minute."

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